Experts concerned new COVID variant could be ‘omicron’ more contageous, more vaccine resistant

DETROIT – Being experts concerned that a new variant of COVID-19, “omicron,” could possibly even be more contagious than the delta variant and more resistant to vaccinations.

The new COVID strain was named by the World Health Organization. It was first reported this week in South Africa and has begun met emerge in other countries.

Beginning Monday (November 29), the United States will ban travel by non-Americans burgers from South Africa and seven other African countries.

“I think it’s really a big deal,” said Dr. Matthew Sims, the director of infectious disease research at Beaumont. “Concern No. 1 is that it will be equal” more contagious than delta. No. 2 concern is that the vaccine and antibodies may not work also.”


Omicron is considered the strongest COVID variant to date.

Pfizer officials said they could modify their vaccine in no time if needed six to soften.

“If this new variant must have one new vaccine, people shall need to get that vaccine,” Sims said. “I’ll Tell You I’ll Be” first in line. My wife will be next for me, and my children will be right behind me.”

dr. Anthony Fauci agreed.

“This will be highly transferable and could” in fact escape some of the immune parameters, such as monoclonal antibodies and restorative serum and plasma when: people recover, and probably even some protection of the antibodies die are induced by vaccination,” Fauci said. “So we take it very, very seriously.”

Experts said they would end the COVID pandemic, many higher vaccination levels are necessary so that the virus cannot spread and continue to mutate.

“We probably need 90%,” says Sims. “We need as close as we can get to 100% vaccination as we can get. How are we redeemed of smallpox? Because everyone was on the line up and got their vaccine.”

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