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Explore the Ancient Sword Found in a Japanese Cemetery

In the ancient tomb of Tomio Maruyama, Japanese archaeologists found an iron dako sword 2.3 meters long.

Heritage Daily notes that this sword is called “dako” because of its wavy shape. Archaeologists have previously found more than 80 swords of this type, but they were all smaller than the sword they recently found in the tomb of Tomio Maruyama, which has retained its full length, and dates from the fourth century AD (Kofun period 300-710). ANNOUNCEMENT).

Scholars believe that this sword was not used in combat, but on ceremonial occasions. Its blade may have been specially enlarged to increase its strength. “Mirrors and shields were thought to be tools to protect the dead from evil spirits,” Arkeonyus notes.

Scientists also found a bronze shield-shaped mirror 64 cm long, 31 cm wide and weighing 5.7 kg, although archaeologists usually find round mirrors in ancient Japanese tombs.

Scientists did not specify who was buried in the tomb, and will try to identify him after opening the coffin, especially since they did not find any traces indicating the theft of the contents of the tomb, so they hope to learn a lot about him.

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