Exploring Recent Developments in Occupied Palestinian Territories: Insights from Oman’s Minister of Foreign Affairs in Discussion with Jordanian Counterpart

Developments in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: A Call for Cooperation


In a significant development, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman, Badr bin Hamad Al Busaidi, engaged in a productive phone call today with his Jordanian counterpart, Ayman Al-Safadi, to discuss the unfolding situation in the occupied Palestinian territories. This conversation holds immense significance as the two esteemed diplomats emphasized the importance of cooperation amidst the rapidly changing landscape.

Enhancing Bilateral Relations

During the call, Minister Al Busaidi and Minister Al-Safadi underscored the significance of enhancing bilateral relations between their countries. Both diplomats acknowledged the shared historical, cultural, and strategic ties that bind Oman and Jordan, and agreed to explore avenues for further collaboration to address the pressing issues impacting the occupied Palestinian territories.

A Call for Stability

The situation in the occupied Palestinian territories demands immediate attention and concerted efforts towards promoting stability. Recognizing this, the ministers reiterated their commitment to maintaining peace and security in the region, emphasizing the need to resolve conflicts through peaceful means and diplomatic channels.

Promoting Dialogue and Mediation

Minister Al Busaidi and Minister Al-Safadi emphasized the importance of promoting dialogue and mediation as effective tools to de-escalate tensions in the occupied Palestinian territories. They recognized that open lines of communication and constructive engagement are crucial for finding a path towards lasting peace, and agreed to collaborate closely in facilitating dialogue between relevant stakeholders.

Regional Cooperation and Support

The ministers also underscored the necessity of regional cooperation and support to address the challenges faced by the occupied Palestinian territories. They highlighted the role that neighboring countries, including Oman and Jordan, can play in extending humanitarian aid, facilitating trade, and providing assistance towards the development and reconstruction efforts in the region.


The phone call between Minister Al Busaidi and Minister Al-Safadi highlights the unwavering commitment of both Oman and Jordan towards promoting peace, stability, and prosperity in the occupied Palestinian territories. As the international community closely observes the evolving situation, it is imperative that nations stand together in forging a brighter future for the region, one based on dialogue, cooperation, and respect for the rights of all parties involved.

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