Explosion in Beirut .. Families of the victims: “The homes of officials are our target!”

The investigation into the explosion of the port of Beirut, starting next Monday (13 September), will enter in a new turning point that could constitute a turning point in the course of the trial, with the judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, setting the following dates for the interrogation of some of those who asked for permission to prosecute them with the possible intent of killing more of two hundred victims, as well as negligence and negligence.

subsequent interrogation sessions

The judge, under the pressure of various political forces, in particular Hezbollah, whose secretary general Hassan Nasrallah accused him in his last appearance of politicizing the investigation, is preparing to question some of the perpetrators from the moment in which ammonium nitrate entered the port of Beirut until it exploded in ward No. 12 on August 4, 2020.

The interrogations will begin Monday with the former army chief, Jean Kahwagi, which will be followed by the interrogations of the former Minister of Public Works and Transport, Youssef Fenianos, who refuses to appear before the judicial investigator for related reasons, for lack of of compliance with the reporting procedures according to the principles of law, according to his legal representative, and then a session for the Director General of Customs, Badri.Daher (arrested for the port explosion) on January 18, and between these dates there are other sessions for a number of officers.

Explosion in Beirut .. Families of the victims: “The homes of officials are our target!”

From the port of Beirut (AFP archive photo)

In conjunction with the expected judicial developments, the families of Dhaba and those injured in the explosion are organizing a series of “qualitative” trips that will start next Monday in front of the Beirut Fire Brigade Center, in the center of the capital, in order to keep keep up with the interrogation sessions set by the forensic investigator and provide him with moral support to continue what he started.

“We have nothing more to lose”

In context, the victim’s brother in the Beirut Fire Department, Djo Noun, and William Noun confirmed to “Al Arabiya.net”that” the escalation on our part will master the situation, starting from next Monday, and the Lebanese will witness qualitative and continuous movements on an almost daily basis, because there is nothing left. “Let’s lose it”.

While he was cautious about disclosing the “quality” of these movements “because the security services were watching us on the elbow,” he said, “he stressed that the homes of the officials that Judge Tariq Al-Bitar has asked for permission to prosecute are still the “bank of objectives” for us, but this time we will change the strategy to achieve the desired.

From the families of the victims of the port of Beirut (Archive - Afp)

From the families of the victims of the port of Beirut (Archive – Afp)

Hezbollah’s threats

In addition, he said, “Hassab al-Hassab”, the reactions of the security forces against us, who sometimes use tear gas and violence against us. We are coordinating and communicating with the revolutionaries so that the movements are massive, especially since the investigations have entered in a fundamental and important phase in the course of the case “.

Noun also confirmed that “the families of the victims are confident in what Judge Tariq al-Bitar is doing and they are satisfied with the steps and steps he has taken from his post to the file, despite being subjected to many veiled threats, the latest of which came from Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah ” .

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah (Associated Press)

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah (Associated Press)

The pursuit of the Director General of Public Security

As for the Director General of Public Security Major General Abbas Ibrahim, whom the Interior Minister rejected the judicial investigator’s request for permission to prosecute him, the information suggested that the judicial investigator would soon issue a decision to set up an interrogation session for him, similar to what he had done against the interim prime minister, Hassan Diab.

It should be noted that the judicial investigator in the crime of the explosion of the port of Beirut had issued, yesterday, Monday, an arrest warrant against the former director of operations of the port, Sami Hussein, for the crime of possible malicious intent and for a crime of negligence and negligence.

Families of Beirut port victims (archive - Reuters)

Families of Beirut port victims (archive – Reuters)

Tons of ammonium nitrate remained for years in one of the harbor holds, which led to its explosion on August 4 two years ago, killing more than 180 people and injuring thousands, as well as sabotaging thousands of homes, businesses and shops in the Lebanese capital, some of which are still today in ruin, not to mention the destruction of the country’s most important ports, the only one in Beirut.

While the officials undertook at the time to disclose the results of the investigation and the cause of the disaster that hit the city, within a week, the investigations continue today without a clear result!

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