F-150 Lightning Production to Resume on March 13, Announces Ford

Ford Motor Co. announced on Thursday that production of its F-150 Lightning will resume on March 13 after halting output due to a battery fire incident that occurred in early February. Although the company has not set a date for resuming deliveries, it plans to continue holding already-produced vehicles while it works through engineering and parts updates as it ramps up production. Ford stated that the restart date will allow time for SK On, the automotive battery unit of SK Innovation, to build battery cells and deliver them to the Lightning production line.

On February 4, an EV truck caught fire during a pre-delivery quality inspection in a company holding lot in Dearborn, Michigan, and spread to two other trucks. The automaker halted the production of the electric truck the next day to investigate the incident. Ford said it will work closely with SK On’s team to ensure it continues delivering high-quality battery packs down to the battery cells, as they prepare to resume production.

Ford previously aimed to produce 150,000 Lightning electric pickups annually by the fall of 2023. As they work towards achieving that target, they will learn and apply new techniques to improve their production and vehicle quality.

Reactions to this announcement have been mixed. Some customers are pleased that Ford is taking the necessary steps to ensure the quality and safety of the F-150 Lightning, while others are frustrated by the delay in delivery. Some also expressed concern about the battery fire incident and questioned the overall safety of electric vehicles.

In response to these concerns, Ford assured customers that their top priority is the safety and satisfaction of their customers. They will continue to work with SK On and other partners in the electric vehicle industry as they strive to improve their products and build customer trust.

This delay in production may have a financial impact on the company, as orders for the F-150 Lightning have exceeded expectations. In addition, the electric truck market is becoming increasingly competitive, with manufacturers such as Tesla and General Motors releasing their own electric pickups.

As Ford resumes production of the F-150 Lightning, the eyes of the auto industry and consumers will be on them to see how they handle this situation and how they respond to customer demands for quality and safety in their electric vehicles.