Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 is starting to experiment with mixing the real world with VR

Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 is starting to experiment with mixing the real world with    VR

a virtual reality light switch, superimposed on the passthrough camera images of a real-world Room.


of Facebook double ambitions in VR and AR could meet in the goal with the Oculus Quest 2. A new developer tool kit for research allows mixing of passthrough cameras with VR graphics, mixed enable reality.

Mixed reality has been gurgling up on the Oculus Quest for a bit: in in addition to headphones way of scan of the world and painting play borders for VR using the black-and-cameras in White on the headset, Facebook has added some modalities in which web navigation e typing on a Logitech keyboard work with passerby camera data, too. Also, hand tracking.

Color effects can be applied to the black it’s white camera data, too.


The developer the mode, called Paststhrough API Experimental, is not provided for actual apps again, but after this year Facebook’s goal for Oculus Quest apps for add mixed reality. Suggested uses are for work, social, is gaming. Projection of avatar on real world remember of what Microsoft Mesh it is promising using a HoloLens 2. But with the Oculus Quest 2, it would be done on a $ 300 consumer headset. Another area this could do a ton of the sense would be fitness games like Beat Saber, where high intensity movement games it could be reproduced in layers over a pass-through view of the actual room, without risk of accidental wall- punching.

of Facebook post points out that apps using the passerby camera the data cannot access, view or store images or videos using Quest 2’s cameras, one element of data privacy involving cameras that the company also he stressed when he announced his push in Ads in VR.

The Quest 2’s cameras, however, are low-resolution and black and white, not ideal for capture a lot of real-world data or details. This suggests a mission update in the future with Better Cameras: Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that a Quest Pro is in the works, which could end up leaning further on the mixed reality. IS with Facebook’s AR glasses plans still far from being realized, the Quest seems to be step towards understanding the AR part out more with current apps.

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