Fahd bin Jalawi agrees in Taif Square for the camels .. and “The United” decides the best time

His Highness Prince Fahd bin Jalawi bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed, President of the Saudi Camel Federation and Vice President of the International Camel Federation, visited the historic Taif Square today on the first day of competitions for the final round of the Crown Prince Festival in its third edition .

His Highness was briefed on the organizational preparations and services provided to all attendees, he was also briefed on the work of the festival’s executive and working committees, and the camel owners and huddlers participated in the seventh and eighth halves of the evening races .

The first day of the Crown Prince Camel Festival finals saw strong competition and closeness in performance among the participating camels at the 34 races, which took place in two periods, “morning of 20 laps” and “evening of 14 laps”, with a distance of two kilometers for each race, and assigned to the “Bakkar” category. and Qadan. “

Tomorrow the heats designated for the “Bakkar and Qadan” category will be completed with 30 heats in two periods, “morning 20 races” and 10 evening races, of which 4 races for the symbols that will be held at the beginning of the evening period. The prize for first place in symbol racing is 700,000 riyals for virgins and 500,000 riyals for Qadan.

In today’s races, the “United” reel, owned by Abdulaziz bin Al-Sahli, the “Al-Fayez” reel of its owner Muhammad bin Saeed Al-Marri, and the “Wasfa” reel of its owner Suleiman bin Salama Al-Juhani, protagonist of having obtained the best time in the category of facts with two minutes and 52 seconds, respectively, with a difference of several milliseconds.

The results of the first place in the rest of the evening races were as follows: “Andalusia” for Hajen Salam, “Al-Dhalim” by Muhammad bin Jaber Al-Marri, “Neom” by Nayef bin Saud Al-Balawi, “Al -Samh “by Hamad bin Rashid Al-Marri, and” Dahom “Jassim bin Saud Al-Otaibi,” Gentlemanship “by Atef bin Attia Al-Qurashi,” Ezziness of the Army “by Mushabab bin Muhammad Al-Qahtani,” Gallantism “by Musa bin Abdulaziz Al-Mousa,” Shaheen “by Ali bin Muhammad Al-Marri and” Khod “by Ali bin Hamad Al-Marri and” Sick “by Faisal bin Fahd Al-Hajri.

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