Fall Guys Update 1.19 – Update details on April 6

Fall Guys Update 1.19 - Update details on April 6

Mediatonic has released a file new To update for Autumn boys today. Below you can find the file patch on April 6.

The Fall Guys Update 1.19 and now available for download and installation. On PS4, the download is 244 MB, depending on on platform, dimensions may vary.

Notes on patch Fall Guys 1.19

Notes on PS4:

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Not confirmed:

  • Team 7 is also eliminated after qualifying in Team show. – This should now be fixed.
  • I see more Fame points compared to those required for Rank For example 1907/1150 should now be fixed.
  • Team Shows – Inifinite Falling. This should now be fixed.
  • Negative values in daily challenges – We have released a file fix for This, players who to have already registered in from midnight today UTC will still see negative values ​​until midday UTC, when should reset and be fixed.
  • If you bought the game and everything else of the DLC on Steam has never played this before – This should to be fixed.
  • The Season (Pass) Fame Path is not displayed for some players – this should now be solved.
  • Season Fame Rewards Issue – This should now be solved. Earned items and fame will not be restored.

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