Fall Guys Update 1.20 – Update details on April 19

Fall Guys Update 1.20 - Update details on April 19

Mediatonic has released a file new hotifx patch for Autumn boys today. Below you can find the file patch on April 20.

The Fall Guys 1.20 update and now available for download and installation. On PS4, the download is 192 MB, depending on on platform, dimensions may vary.

Notes on patch Fall Guys 1.20

So far there aren’t official patch Notes. Known bugs that may have been fixed today:

  • Lobby private (Plobbies) – The lobbies private I’m currently in soon access and there is a known issue with This feature making it happen currently unplayable, we will update here when it is fixed later this week.
  • Team 7 is also eliminated after qualifying in Team show. – Submit your logs and videos in. We have fixed one issue, but the problem still appears for some users and we can use your assistance in identify when this is happening!
  • Players who have problems climbing / grabbing

Notes on PS4

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

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