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Falling For Christmas: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know So Far

Along with Halloween, the Christmas season is when most movies come out. Many of these movies become classics that families worldwide can watch together. For many, the holiday season is the best time to watch heartwarming stories of romance and magic that give people that cute and cuddly feeling that is often associated with Christmas. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that many movie studios have been pushing Christmas as a considerable time for their movies over the last few years.

One of these production companies is Netflix, which takes advantage of the rise of subscription-based platforms and the fact that many of us rush to watch holiday shows in the winter. In the past few years, Netflix has had hits like The Christmas Chronicles and Klaus that both fans and critics agree on. With this in mind, people often wonder what Netflix’s big Christmas movie will be each year. In May 2021, we found out about a new movie coming out at Christmas 2022. That book’s title was Falling for Christmas, and it was a classic Christmas story that was sure to make everyone smile.

With so much time between when it was announced and when it came out, Falling For Christmas has been able to spread out information slowly, which has helped with its marketing. But as we get closer and closer to Christmas, interest in the movie is slowly starting to snowball, and more and more fans want to know more about it. Taking all of this into account, here is a complete list of everything we know about Falling For Christmas.


  • Lindsay Lohan as Sierra Belmont
  • Alireza Mirmontazeri as Gym Guy
  • Jack Wagner as Beauregard Belmont
  • Kate Rachesky as Heather
  • Blythe Howard as Dr. Layla Monroe
  • Chase Ramsey as Terry Carver
  • Antonio D. Charity as Sheriff Borden
  • Kylie Road as Belmont Guest
  • Lonzo Liggins as Mayor Anand
  • Robert Daniels as Curtis
  • Chad Wright as Butler

When will Falling for Christmas be Released?

“Falling for Christmas” is set to come out on November 10, which Lindsay Lohan says is an excellent time for a romantic comedy to come out because it’s right before the holidays. “At Christmas, everyone gets together with their family. It’s just such a nice time of year.”

Lohan knows that the movie is a great chance for her to make a big comeback in the kind of movies she’s best at, and she’s aware of this. “For me, acting has always been like riding a bike. I have to, “She told The Hollywood Reporter early in October. “When I do movies or play a character, it makes me so happy to be able to tell people a story. It is such a blessing to be able to take people on that journey with me.”

Is There A Trailer For Falling For Christmas?

Falling For Christmas | Lindsay Lohan | Official Trailer | Netflix

On October 7, 2022, Netflix put out the first official trailer for Falling For Christmas, because it’s never too early for some holiday cheer, even in October, which is the scariest month of the year. The trailer is set to Lindsay Lohan’s version of “Jingle Bell Rock,” which she says in the beginning (a song she famously sang in perhaps her most iconic role in Mean Girls). The trailer seems to have all the charming and comforting elements of the Christmas romantic comedies that come out every year, like a “meet-cute,” a small town on a mountainside, fancy hotels, and a love interest who is a single parent with a smart young child.

Falling For Christmas Plot?

Netflix has made an announcement that will thrill viewers of romantic comedies and holiday films. Genre clichés and stereotypes tend to shine during the holiday season, with Christmas movies—especially those with heavy doses of romance and comedy—perfectly illustrating why these elements work so well. In the film, Lohan plays an engaged heiress who has a skiing accident and loses her memory. During her downtime, she is taken care of by the lodge owner and his daughter, Chord Overstreet, with whom she develops a warm holiday crush. A very standard plot that will please any viewer and give stars like Lohan and Overstreet room to shine.

Who is Producing Falling for Christmas?

Lindsay Lohan will return to the producer’s chair for the first time since 2013’s “The Canyons” in addition to her position as an actor in “Falling for Christmas.” This time, she is joined by two other producers and six executive producers, including Janeen Damian, the film’s director.

According to Lohan’s October interview with The Hollywood Reporter, her resurgence as both an actor and a producer may be attributed to the skills she’s learned from acting and life coach Bernard Hiller. “He altered my life,” explained Lohan. “Sometimes, I forget to take my time and proceed too rapidly. It is enjoyable to attempt new ways and explore all the possibilities of the script rather than simply performing what is on the page. When playing a character and in a role, it is essential that I do not restrict the emotional range of the character. Also, I have no fear of improvising.”


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