Fallout 76’s next big patch hits Tuesday, alongside of a huge community- broad event

2020-07-31 12: 30: 00 by Chris Carter

Strengthening ATLAS

Fallout 76 is still trucking, and Bethesda isn’t avoiding providing rather big patches from time to time for it. Next Tuesday, Patch 21 is set to shake things up a bit, and ideally fix some of the bugs from Patch 20 (and possibly present some new ones!).

As exposed by the publisher, Patch 21 will arrive next week and will bring with it a community- broad event called Fortifying ATLAS. Generally, you’re beefing up the ATLAS (Climatic Terraforming Laser Accelerator System,) Observatory location with products, which is an incredibly MMO-like event.

On August 4 you can join in with the community to build ATLAS up in the “Project Alpha” phase, which will give you in-game rewards like Brotherhood of Steel outfits and additionalexperience You can discover the full reward table below, which will give you approximately 2 weeks to finish everything. At that point “Project Bravo” will kick off on August 27, which will run through September 10.

Bethesda is also doing some QuakeCon at home events for the game, consisting of streams from August 7 through August 9. You can inspect out the full schedule here.

Inside the Vault [Bethesda.net]



Collection Dates Goal Reward
August 4 –– 8(***************************************

Provide125,000,(*********************************************************************************************************************************************** )Steel Brotherhood of Steel Beret
August 8 ––11(***************************************

Provide150,000,(*********************************************************************************************************************************************** )Concrete Brotherhood of Steel C.A.M.P. Banner
August 11 ––15(***************************************

Provide200,000,(*********************************************************************************************************************************************** )Cork High S.C.O.R.E. Double Daily Challenges (August 20 ––24)(***************************************

August(***************************************************************************************************************************************** – )–18 Provide150,000,(*********************************************************************************************************************************************** )Plastic Bonus Challenges Week (August 26 ––31)(***************************************



Collection Dates Goal Reward
August 27 ––31(***************************************

Provide150,000,(*********************************************************************************************************************************************** )Wood Steel Dawn Army Fatigues
August 31 –– September 3 Provide 200,000,000 Fabric Brotherhood of Steel Collectron Station
September 3 –– 7(***************************************

Provide175,000,(*********************************************************************************************************************************************** )Leather Purveyor 50% off Super Sale (September 10 -14)
September 7 ––10(***************************************

Provide 250,000,000 Glass Meat Week, A Second Aiding (September 22 ––28)(***************************************

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