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Family members brutally murdered in Alexandria at a reconciliation meeting.

THE media Egyptians reported that a horrific massacre took place in a residential apartment in Alexandria Governorate during a reconciliation session Tuesday evening, in where a husband shot his wife, family and children, killing seven and wounding his eldest son. According to the newspaper “Al-Masry Al-Youm”, the preliminary investigations indicated that Until the defendant went to the house of his wife’s family, to agree on the details of the divorce between them, or to try to convince her to return to the marital home where he was staying with his mother.

The investigations added that following the continuation of the dispute between the two parties, during the conciliation hearing, the defendant pulled out a firearm in his possession and shot all of them, killing his wife, father, mother, brother and three of his children, and wounding a fourth, then closed the apartment door and left the scene of the crime.

And the “Masrawy” newspaper reported that residents of the area believed that the sounds of gunfire were fireworks and did not suspect the matter. The wife’s sister discovered the crime by going to her family home, where she was surprised to see the victims soaked in their blood, while the sister’s eldest son, who was six years old, was alive with several gunshot wounds to the shoulder and legs, “and it was he who told them that his father had opened fire on the whole family.” According to “Masrawy”.

The child was brought in hospital, while a team from the Public Prosecutor’s Office went to the scene of the accident for investigations. Al-Shorouk newspaper said the victims were a two-year-old boy and two girls aged three and four, while the accused killed his wife, father, mother and brother.

The Prosecutor ordered the autopsy on the bodies of the victims, the rapid development of the investigations into the incident and the arrest of the accused and the weapon used in the accident. The newspaper added that the accused works as a “police secretary” and handed himself over to the security forces, while the “Al-Masry Al-Youm” newspaper said he was a 40-year-old “driver”. Than Al-Raml’s Prosecutor’s Office in Alexandria decided to detain the accused for 4 days as a precautionary measure on Wednesday in pending investigations, according to Al-Shorouk.


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