Fan of Dragon Quest Makes Impressive Dancing Devil Halloween Yard Decoration Prop

A fan of the Dragon Quest series creates a Halloween decoration based on the Dancing Devil enemies that can be found in the games.


A Dragon Quest fan created a Halloween decoration using the series’ antagonist, the Dancing Devil. The Halloween season sees many impressive projects completed as gamers enjoy the holiday. Every year, players dress up and decorate their homes in costumes and decorations inspired by their favorite video games at special Halloween events hosted by franchises like Pokemon and Overwatch.

Players frequently run into the Dancing Devil in the Dragon Quest series. The monster has the power to make the party dance, preventing them from taking action for a few turns. The creature has appeared in a few of the main Dragon Quest games and several of the spin-offs, such as Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker.


Enki shulgi, a Reddit user, shared a picture of a Dragon Quest-inspired Halloween costume they created. The ornament, made of various materials, depicts the RPG enemy, the Dancing Devil. The piece’s skeleton is made of cardboard and tubes, but it is primarily made of paper mache. Enki shulgi claims that they create a sizable Halloween prop for their front yard every year and chose to create the Dragon Quest monster this year. The Dancing Devil does a great job of accurately capturing the creature’s traits, as seen in video games.

I make large Halloween props for my front yard display every year. This year I did a dancing devil from DQ! from dragonquest

Fans have taken to Enki shulgi’s Reddit posts in large numbers. Numerous users have praised the item as amazing, and one commenter said they would buy it because of its excellent quality. One player claimed to have killed tens of thousands of the creatures in the past month and that Enki shulgi’s prop accurately captured their appearance in the Dragon Quest video games. A player jokingly remarked they couldn’t stop dancing, alluding to the creature’s distinctive trait. The prop was well-made by Enki shulgi, and it should look nice when displayed in their front yard.

Not everyone is getting into the Halloween spirit like Enki shulgi. Secondbreakfastspoon, a Reddit user, posted a picture of their homemade Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Halloween display. The display includes a shelf full of homemade bottles the user created, each labeled with the names of components from an RPG, such as Frost Salts, Nirnroot, and Spriggan Sap. A meticulous recreation of Krosis’ mask, one of the dragon priests from Skyrim, can be found in the center. Many players’ favorite video games are used to celebrate Halloween well by Enki shulgi and second breakfast spoon.


On December 9, Dragon Quest Treasures for the Nintendo Switch will be available.