FanDuel NFL Playoff Picks: DFS Composition Tips for Texans vs. Bills, Patriots vs. Titans, Saints vs. Vikings, Eagles vs. Seahawks

Every NFL Wild Card victory on Saturday and Sunday offers DFS potential of a big-name player game across the board. FanDuel offers one game competitions you should play in GPP tournaments, choosing to play one or all of the games based on what you see and what variants and options you feel comfortable with.

Below, we have analyzed the possible variants for each of the four games. As for FanDuel, unlike DraftKings, the MVP does not differ in price. This means you need to use the player you feel will put the most points back unless you know you are playing two types and want to use the least used MVP in this slot.

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FanDuel NFL Playoff Options: Texans vs. Bills

Betting in Buffalo passing the productive game on it to a Texans D / ST that allowed the fourth FD points in QBs in 2019. Stills is a good, cheaper combo with Watson with Will Fuller likely remaining on the sidelines for another week and DeAndre Hopkins facing Tre’Davious White.

MVP (1.5x points): QB Josh Allen, accounts ($ 15,000)

CABLE: QB Deshaun Watson, Texans ($ 15,500)

CABLE: WR John Brown, accounts ($ 12,500)

CABLE: WR Kenny Stills, Texans ($ 10,000)

CABLE: TE Dawson Knox, Accounts ($ 6,500)

NFL Playoffs FanDuel Tips: Patriots vs. Titans

If you want a more differentiated series, swap Michel with the MVP for Henry and leave Henry in a FLEX spot. By its volume, Henry is the most likely type to drive this slate to points, as represented by its value. We also get the bizzar killer Patriots, Corey Davis, in our turn.

MVP (1.5x points): RB Derrick Henry, Titans ($ 16,000)

CABLE: RB Sony Michel, Patriots ($ 12,500)

CABLE: QB Ryan Tannehill, Titans ($ 15,000)

CABLE: WR Corey Davis, Titans ($ 8,000)

CABLE: WR N’Keal Harry, Patriots ($ 7,000)

FanDuel Wild Card Weekend Selection: Saints vs. Vikings

We trust the top three types of skills in this game in our series – you can exchange who you MVP as you wish. Kamara feels it will be less popular at this point than Thomas, so I have him there. Ginn is also two cheap for a player who can literally make your day with a long catch.

MVP (1.5x points): RB Alvin Kamara, Saints ($ 14,500)

CABLE: WR Michael Thomas, Saints ($ 15,500)

CABLE: RB Dalvin Cook, Vikings ($ 14,000)

CABLE: WR Adam Thielen, Vikings ($ 9,000)

CABLE: WR Ted Ginn Jr., Saints ($ 5,500)

NFL Postseason FanDuel Options: Eagles vs. Seahawks

Go for a complete aerial attack here in the hope that Wentz finds success with two of the previously no-name receivers out wide. If you prefer the Seahawks as a favorite in this game, you could trade Wentz and Wilson to the MVP spot.

MVP (1.5x points): QB Carson Wentz, Eagles ($ 15,500)

CABLE: QB Russell Wilson, Seahawks ($ 15,500)

CABLE: WR Tyler Lockett, Seahawks ($ 12,500)

CABLE: WR Greg Ward, Eagle ($ 8,500)

CABLE: WR Deontay Burnett, Eagles ($ 6,000)

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