Fans arrested for carrying out the Nazi salute before the England-Germany match

Munich: Police in the German city of Munich said a number of British fans were arrested for carrying out the Nazi salute and damaging a hotel room, before the German team faced their English counterpart in European. Nations League Tuesday. And the British news agency “PA Media” reported that yesterday, Monday, eight fans were arrested, most of them in central Munich, although they confirmed their intention to improve their image, precisely in the wake of the ugly scenes that appeared at Wembley. Stadium in the final of the European Nations Championship. Euro 2020. “Three of them were arrested for carrying out the Nazi salute, while police said a mob caused estimated damage in 2,000 euros ($ 2,140) after lighting a firework in his hotel room. Four other people were arrested for other incidents, including insulting police officers and urinating on the street. Many rioters were treated with a security deposit of up to 200 euros – the equivalent of a local spot fine – while fans appeared before a local judge for not being in able to pay the sum. (Dpa)