Fans take a shot at Cleveland Indians by changing their name in Cleveland Guardians

Fans take a shot at Cleveland Indians by changing their name in Cleveland Guardians

One of the Guardians of Traffic sculptures on the Hope Memorial Bridge near Progressive Field, where Cleveland baseball is team plays.

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Cleveland Indians baseball team announced Friday that the team want changes its name in Cleveland Guardians. Actor Tom Hanks narrated the video announcing the name change, which came after the name “Indians” was criticized. for years as a racist. Hanks once took action in Cleveland Theater and is referred to big fan of the team. Video also features the song Little black submarines of the black keys, who I’m from Akron, Ohio.

of Cleveland new name was inspired by giant Art Deco statues on the city’s Hope Memorial Bridge which are known as the Guardians of Traffic. The team will retain its blue and red color scheme, ea new logo with a winged baseball is also inspired by the statues of the Guardians. The team want finish out the current season like the Indians.

Guardians of Traffic

There was something positive social media reaction to the new name, although some people amused with it, and others don’t like the choice.

“Yes, we called ours team after the bridge statues, “he said one Twitter user.

flapping their wings

The winged baseball logo earned a little attention.

Rescue money on logos

Other people also noticed that “Guardians” and “Indians” end in the same five letters, and joked that the three owners, the Dolan family, could save some money as a result.

Stay tuned for more social media one day a comment on the name change soon. The Washington soccer team, formerly the Redskins, has yet to announce its own new first name.

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