Fantasy Football Ban Watch Watch List For Week 15: Streaming Targets, Free Mattresses Include Gardner Minshew, Anthony Miller

The fantasy playoffs are here in Week 14, and to get the best shot of not only winning this week but also winning your league championship, it’s time to start thinking about Week 15 and the players that they will do it in the league category. Our watch list has served the same purpose all season, but now the stakes are higher. We have more data points and we need to predict less in the future. It’s all about weeks 14, 15, and 16 (and of course, some of you are playing for nothing – goes for Week 17).

As usual, most of the qualifying, tight and defensive areas of the list relate to matchups. The presence of O. Howard is more about unrealized opportunities, but other than that, there’s no time for “long-term investment” – you need production now. So QB and TE players who have wild matchups for the rest of the fantasy playoffs were not considered for this week’s list.

Quarterback | Running back Wide receiver Tight end D / ST | Kicker

The rear operation and the wide receiver are a bit different. It is probably true that ownership is partially depressing at this time of year, as fewer people wipe the resignation wire, but we still see players who tend to be statistically right, who do not tend to own fantasy. We’ve considered matchups in these places, too, but players like Anthony Miller find their way here based more on talent and opportunity than anything else.

You can see ours fantasy playoff power of timetable analysis and us fantastic football tips (coming soon) to increase your chances of winning your league.

WEEK 14 PPR GRADES: Running back Wide receiver Tight end

Fantasy Football Wire Watch List Discharge

Reminder: This list was compiled in the first week of Week 14, looking at players who could be cable discharge goals in Week 15. If you have a roster spot to play, these are the options you could get early to win the buzz.

All of these players are under 50 percent ownership of Yahoo, unless otherwise specified.

Week 15 Cable Discharge Watchlist: Quarterback

Ryan Tannehill, Titans (42% ownership)

Tannehill has been one of the best fighters in football since taking over his original Tennessee job. The Titans are also coming to the fore with a poor Houston defense in Week 15. Tannehill’s rise in ownership has shown that people are grabbing what he does – don’t let him be the playoff opponent taking advantage of you.

Matthew Stafford, Lions David Blouge, Lions (1)

Stafford (back) probably won’t make it back this year, but he obviously wants to, so he’ll accompany Blough to this list. A matchup with one of the worst defenses in the Tampa Bay Championship for Week 15 makes it possible that Blough, who looked decent in his Thanksgiving debut, is in the running if he follows up with a decent Week 14, too.

Daniel Jones, Giants (25)

Jones is expected to miss Week 14, but could return for Week 15. If he returns, he will be in a favorable matchup of Week 15 against Miami and then take on the Redskins in Week 16 – good pair of flows if you are desperate.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphins (16)

Speaking of good week 15 and 16 games: Fitzpatrick takes over the Giants and then the Bengals, respectively. Learn to Live With Fitzpatrick’s Mistakes When Successfully Tightening It As In Week 13. By running the dolphin until its fourth or fifth choice, it will be Fitzpatrick’s appearance against bad opponents under strain, for better or worse.

Gardner Minsk, Jaguars (12)

Minshew has got his original job back in Jacksonville from Nick Foles. This comes just in time to take advantage of some great matchups down the stretch, as the Jags face the Raiders and Falcons in weeks 15 and 16 respectively. Minshew owned 60% of the championships at its peak and started at over 12% a week. If it looks like his mustache still has some magic, it will be a popular stream for the last two weeks of fantasy.

DK cash DK GPP | FD Cash | FD GPP | Y! Cash Y! GPP

Week 15 Cable Discharge Watchlist: RB

Alexander Mattison, Vikings (48)

If Dalvin Cook (back / shoulder) is healthy, Mattison returns in a handcuff (though he should have every Cook owner). If Kutch loses time, Mattison will be at least one RB2 just due to the talent under the stretch.

Bo Scarbrough, Lions (43)

There’s not much to like about Scarbrough’s matchups under the stretch at all. What he would like is that Scarbrough should see 15-plus carries each week the rest of the way, and it’s strong enough that most of them will go for at least a few meters. If David Blough can keep moving the ball, there could be future landings for Scarbrough.

Benny Snell Jr., Steelers (35)

As long as James Conner (shoulder) stays out, you can continue to use Snell and wait 15 or more times each week. Banknotes and jets are not great matchups in weeks 15 and 16, respectively, but as with Scarbrough, volume can work for you.

Rahee Moster, 49ers (32)

This is a backfield that’s probably too much of a commission to completely trust under the stretch, but Mostert getting 20 carries in Week 13 (with Matt Breida out) could mean Kyle Shanahan just wants to use him a ton down the stretching. We’ll see what happens when Breida (ankle) returns.

Chris Thompson, Redskins (11)

This is a special PPR with Thompson back from injury for a Washington team that often has to follow. If you are the type of owner who wants to bet on the back to catch passes to have solid floors in PPR leagues, note Thompson.

Darwin Thomson, Managers (11)

We have to keep having multiple injuries in front of Thompson to matter, but you just can’t ignore a potential leader running back with double-digit strokes in a week, if that’s what he gets.

Patrick Laird, Dolphins (5)

If Laird is truly the Dolphins’ leader the rest of the way, matchups against the Giants and Bengals are good enough in weeks 15 and 16, respectively, to rely on him as a FLEX game, especially in PPR leagues, such as H Laird’s best skill is probably his take.

Jordan Wilkins, Colts (2)

Marlon Mack (the hand) could return or Jonathan Williams could reclaim the role, but there is also a scenario where Mack stays out and Wilkins runs this backfield for the rest of the way. Especially against the Panthers in Week 16, that would be a good place to be.

Reggie Bonnafon, Panthers (2)

Christian McCaffrey owns 100 percent of the championships. His handicap is two percent. His handcuffing is also called Reggie Bonnafon, if you didn’t go where I went with it. It’s the fantasy playoffs and McCaffrey brought you there. Unless you have really small benches, there is no reason not to protect it with Bonnafon at this point.

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Week 15 Discharge Wire Wire Watch List: WR

Darius Slayton, Giants (26)

The Giants are closing in on the fantasy season with the Dolphins and Redskins at weeks 15 and 16 respectively and Slayton has proven that the last two weeks can be a solid choice whether or not Golden Tate is on the field. The rookie obviously has good chemistry with Daniel Jones and the steady target volume against these two bad defenses should work well.

Corey Davis, Titans (26) A.J. Coffee, Titans (24)

I probably prefer Brown a little bit here, as he brings more playing ability without sacrificing his goal share compared to Davis. But either it can be used in Week 15 against a Houston defense that is prone to allowing the trunk yard through the air.

Jacques Pascal, Colts (19)

Pascal really only makes sense for the imagination if T.Y. The Hilton stays out, and even if that’s true, Pascal left us a few times earlier this year in a friendly match figure without Hilton. Pascal’s 10 goals and a game of 100 yards a week at 13 make him worth highlighting, especially since Eric Ebron’s absence could help his volume.

Antonis Miller, Bears (16)

Miller’s average goals over the past three weeks. The Packers and Chiefs can hit the air in weeks 15 and 16, respectively, but we might just see the boom of a young receiver that would make it worth considering in any matchup under the stretch.

John Ross, Bengals (10)

Ross was officially activated from an injured reserve. I’d like to avoid him in Week 15 against the Patriots, but there is a showdown of dolphins in Week 16. If Ross appears in Week 14, it could be a popular addition to a well-known commodity, so maybe you go ahead and you will. you have an enticing choice for your fantasy championship game.

Jacob Meyers, Patriots (1)

Meyers played more than Mohamed Sanu in Week 13 and saw nine goals. That could be a product with less than 100 percent Sanu, or maybe the Pats are just giving the inexperienced beginner an extended playing period. It’s worth getting ahead of your league to find out before New England plays Cincinnati in Week 15.

Albert Wilson, Dolphins (1) Allen Hearn, Dolphins (1)

We’ve been talking about the Giants and Bengals’ big Dolphins refinement program in weeks 15 and 16, respectively, and these two receivers have alternated to get their second WR goals behind DeVante Parker. There could be some PPR value here.

Breshad Perriman, Buccaneers (0)

Perriman’s five catches for 87 yards on Week 13 are likely to prove anomalous. But it also fits the mold as the rare WR handcuffs for both Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. If you own one of these and have a bench room to play with, you might need to take Perriman.

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Week 15 Resignation Wire Watch List: TE

O.J. Howard, Buccaneers (32)

Just when we were ready to delete Howard again, he had been targeted six times and caught five in Week 13. At this point we are all tired of his disappearance, but we know he has the talent. The Lions and Texans, respectively, are memorable offensive tackles for Tampa Bay as a whole in weeks 15 and 16, so perhaps Howard might look like a top-10 TE under the stretch.

David Djuku, Brown (29)

Njoku has already said he’s good to go, so it’s up to the Browns at this point to get him off the injured reserve. Njoku can run the race on his own, if needed for Week 15, when Cleveland takes over the Cardinals. Assuming Njoku returns, it will definitely be a top TE for Week 15.

Mike Gesicki, Dolphins (22)

Gesicki has achieved at least six goals in five straight weeks, which is extremely consistent for the vast majority of tight ends. Closing the fantasy season with the Giants in Week 15 and the Bengals in Week 16, respectively, gives him a favorable scoring plan of one or two touchdowns, too.

Caden Smith, Giants (1)

Smith’s affinity depends on Evan Engram (and possibly Rhett Ellison) remaining out of the box. If that happens, Smith should continue to see six goals each week, as in the last two. And it will do so against the Dolphins and Redskins in weeks 15 and 16, respectively.

15th week defense and sleepers

Directors of Kansas City (27) Week 15 opponent: vs. Broncos
Detroit Lions (19) Week 15 opponent: vs. Buccaneers
New York Giants (6) Week 15 opponent: against dolphins
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3) | Week 15 opponent: @Lions
Miami Dolphins (1) Week 15 opponent: @ Giants

The Lions rank them as the usual high-risk, high-reward D / ST option, as opposed to Jameis Winston. The Giants and the Dolphins could run an ugly turnover contest, putting both of those defenses in place, with Tampa Bay useful if David Blough is still a Detroit starting general. Kansas City may be the best pick here, but we’re working on a small sample of Broncos Rookie Drew Lock, so be careful how he does in Week 14 to find out how difficult it is.

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