Fantasy Football Ban Watch Watch List for Week 17: Goals Flows, Free Agents Putters include Robert Griffin III, N’Keal Harry

Week 17 fantasy football can be an exciting time, and if your league continues, week 17 waiver is more difficult than it was all year. This year, there may be more seed to play in the last week than usual, so there could be fewer real-life player support teams. But inappropriate players can dramatically change their chances of winning a fantasy championship in Week 17.

This week’s watch list is trying to take that into account. We have targeted some matchups that we expect to be good, especially for QBs, TEs and D / STs. We’ve also suggested some of the names in the running back and wide receiver that may be mostly overlooked but could still be good pickups, such as Kerryon Johnson and Breshad Perriman. But you will also find below names that are generally regarded as backups.

Quarterback | Running back Wide receiver Tight end D / ST | Kicker

Robert Griffin III and Gus Edwards aren’t worth picking up if the Ravens still have to play in the final week. But both will not play huge roles as Baltimore is resting for the playoffs. The same goes for some patriotic players, along with kids in bad teams who could benefit from shutting down other players. It is difficult to predict precise scenarios, but at this point you should have a good idea of ​​what your turn of week 17 will look like. It’s not a bad idea to go all-in for the handcuff idea, even in non-RB locations , to be safe.

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Fantasy Football Wire Watch List Discharge

Reminder: This list was compiled in the first week of Week 16, looking forward to players who could be targets for video games in Week 17. If you have a roster spot to play, these are the options you could get early for to win the buzz.

All of these players are under 50 percent ownership of Yahoo, unless otherwise specified.

17th Week Discharge Wire Watch Wire List: Quarterback

Drew Lock, Broncos (6% ownership)

Locking, when not playing in the snow, looked like a capable NFL coach with some explosive offensive weapons around him. Assuming there is no snow in Denver in Week 17, Lock should have the opportunity to spin it all around a bad secondary Raiders.

Daniel Jones Eli Manding, Giants (5/18)

The Eagles are a good match in Week 17 and it looks like Jones (ankle) is healthy and will get the final start of the season. He’s a little more fantastically friendly as a QB who adds a floor to his feet.

Jarrett Stidham, Patriots Robert Griffin III, Ravens (0)

These teams could be in a very hot position on Week 17 and opt to rest their QBs stars. Especially if you own Lamar Jackson and your league is playing until Week 17, you might be lifting RG3 now, like a QB handcuff, in the hope that his feet will get you some fantasy points if needed. If the Ravens win Week 16, they have locked the top seed in the AFC, so that would be the scenario leading to Griffin. Stidham would be attractive if Tom Brady sat down for a dolphin race.

Seminar 16 Degrees PPR: Running Back Wide Receiver | Tight end

17th Week Discharge Wire Watch Wire List: RB

Alexander Mattison, Vikings (40) Mike Boone, Vikings (27)

ESPN’s Adam Schefter said during Monday night’s semifinal at the end of Week 15 that he wouldn’t be surprised if Dalvin Cook (shoulder) was sitting the rest of the season. If Mattison is healthy, he’ll get the first chord he brings. If Mattison is still out, it will be Boone.

Curry Johnson, Lions (39)

Assuming Johnson is turned on for Week 16, he’ll be up to full speed by Week 17 for an RB-friendly Packers matchup. It’s not obvious what the Lions have to win by playing Kerryon, but if it is, take advantage.

DeAndre Washington, Raiders (28)

Even with Josh Jacobs (shoulder) getting a clean magnetic resonance recently, he still feels that Auckland should shut him down before the season is over. If that happens, Washington will get all the touches it can handle in Week 17.

Darwin Thomson, Managers (12)

Managers already had great importance in managing cargo for LeSean McCoy. Although he would probably get something for Week 17, there are scenarios where Thompson’s rookie will become the backfield workhorse against the Chargers.

Gus Edwards, Ravens (10) Justice Hill, Ravens (4)

If the Ravens stand out, Mark Ingram will probably be among this team and that would give Edwards a chance to shine. The Hill leader could play a big role if the Ravens find Edwards valuable to rest.

Boston Scott, Eagles (8)

If Jordan Howard (shoulder) never comes back, Scott will have to see between 30 and 40 percent insurance every week for the rest of the trip. This should include five or more goals of a game in its current role.

Rex Burkhead, Patriots (5) / Damien Harris, Patriots (4)

This could also prove a beginner Damien Harris if the Patriots go to rest – just another scenario you should know.

Malcolm Brown, Ramses (4) / Darrell Henderson (13)

If the thieves got out of the fight after week seven, it wouldn’t be shocking for Todd Gurley to close for Week 17. That would mean a healthy dose of Brown and Darrell Henderson against the Cardinals.

Jackson Jackson Chargers (3)

What is the reason why Chargers should achieve full throttle by Week 17? It might be more reasonable to see what they have in a running back like Jackson with Melvin Gordon wanting to leave the free agency.

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Week 17 Waiver Wire Watch List: WR

Breshad Perriman, Buccaneers (43) | Justin Watson, Buccaneers (5)

There is no doubt that Tampa Bay will continue to match the final buzzer of the season and with Chris Godwin and Mike Evans likely to do so, it will be Perriman and Watson with the opportunity to light up a tough secondary. Atlanta. Perriman will especially be a must-start in Week 17, assuming the script lines as it is now.

Danny Amendola, Lions (25)

The Lions cook, but Amendola will see many goals down the stretch without Marvin Jones around. It will be a safe PPR FLEX game on Week 17 against the Packers.

N’Keal Harry, Patriots (11) Jacob Meyers, Patriots (1)

If the Pats are resting players, they probably won’t be the first two. Meyers could fill a role for Julian Edelman, while Harry would benefit more in a Phillip Dorsett spot.

Russell Gage, Falcons

Gage should go ahead with those Bucs wideout in what will probably be Week 17’s highest score. With Calvin Ridley (belly) made for the year, Gage is a solid game, especially in the PPR championships. . The deeper leagues could also target Christian Blake for the same reasons.

Allen Laard, Packers (7)

Green Bay will probably play trap a goodbye in Week 17. But if there is a lot to play for or a little bit, Lazard may find success as a secondary option against the Wild Lions.

Greg Ward, Eagles (4)

Ward will probably see goals seven to 10 by default the rest of the way and the Giants will not be a major hurdle in production by week 17.

Marcus Johnson, Colts (2)

There is no reason for T.Y. Hilton (calf) to take it hard in Week 17 and Johnson is an interesting big game threat with the chance to turn Jacksonville into a game that is of little importance to either side.

Tim Patrick, Bronx (1)

Lock has shown an appreciation for Patrick as a receiver, so Week 17 against the Raiders is the perfect time for the two young men to really make their connection in a favorable match for the Denver crossing.

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Week 17 Exemption Wire Watch List: TE

O.J. Cameron Brate, Buccaneers (5) Howard, Buccaneers (42)

With all receiver injuries in the Tampa Bay, both tight ends should be relatively down the stretch. This was only helped by a friendly Atlanta home race to close out the season.

Noah Fan, Vron (32)

Fant follows the Broncos theme of this article in a matchup that is very conducive to passing and especially tight ends, as long as Denver weather is tolerated weekly.

Gerald Everett, The Rams (30)

Who knows what he’ll get in a potentially meaningless game against the Rams Cardinals, but if we know one thing, it’s that a tight end (probably Tyler Higbee, but still) will produce in a matchup with Arizona.

Jonah Smith, Titans (14)

The Titans could eventually have made significant headway in using Smith enough in Week 15, so if this can be transferred to a Week 17 Matchup with the Texans, he will have more upside than most TE picks to get to the finals. season.

Caden Smith, Giants (2)

Evan Engram (foot) is now on IR, so Smith has to start the rest of the season for the Giants, who get a favorable transfer result against Philadelphia in Week 17.

17th week defense and sleepers

Denver Broncos (43) Week 17 opponent: vs. Raiders
Indianapolis Colts (37) Week 17 opponent: @ Jaguars
Dallas Cowboys (34) Week 17 opponent: vs. Redskins
Atlantic Hawks (13) Week 17 opponent: @ Buccaneers

Announcements about players sitting out could create more streaming opportunities for Week 17, as some backback quarterbacks will be big targets if they are on the pitch instead of starters. Otherwise, the four D / STs that appear have opponents that we have proposed to flow against all seasons.

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