Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Baker Mayfield, Darren Waller among buy-low, sell high bidders for Week 13

Most fantasy football leagues have passed their trading deadlines, but with Week 13 moving on and approaching fantasy playoffs, you can still score players in your team. Baker Mayfield and Darren Waller are among the players you may want to evaluate before you make their decisions and move on.

So let’s take a look at this week’s stock watch. Feel free to drop me a comment on Twitter @JustinVreeland and remember to check out the fantasy alarm for more resolution like this all season long!

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Fantasy Football Trade Candidates: Stock Market

Baker Mayfield, QB CLE: Everyone was done with Mayfield. “It’s rubbish, I’m cutting it, it’s time to replace it with literally nobody.” These are some statements you may have seen. To be fair, the fight was real, but it has found its groove now and is someone you want to lock in your turn. It only had a fantastic 20-point performance by Week 10, but now has back-to-back games in the 1920s, including a season-high total of 24.58 points. A matchup with the dolphins didn’t hurt, but it has good matchups in the next three weeks, too. He will face a Steelers team that scored nearly 22 fantasy points against Week 11, followed by the Bengals and Cardinals after that. It can be considered as the top 10 place option for this range of games. If you can still trade in your league.

Anthony Miller, WR CHI: Miller had exactly zero games with double-digit fantasy points in 10 weeks, and had only one game with over seven goals in that range. Now, in the last two games, he has a sideline back with at least 11 fantasy points and has achieved 20 goals in that period (had 30 goals in 10 weeks). It seems to be Trubisky’s second choice in the offense (behind A-Rob), which doesn’t say much in that offense, but is an improvement. He’s still looking for his first touchdown of the season, and fantasy owners will still take the risk of using him in their seasonal performances. However, it does look good enough to guarantee a place on your bench and a look at DFS. He has a nice matchup with the Lions on Thanksgiving and could be the bear’s star if Allen Robinson has to face Darius Slay in coverage all afternoon.

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Jonathan Williams, RB IND: I’ll admit I didn’t go to Williams after his strong game in Week 11, but followed up with an even bigger game in Week 12 and we have to take it seriously (at least while Marlon Mack is out). He finished with 26 carries for 104 yards and a touchdown in the Colts’ 20-17 loss to the Texans. I’m shocked to dig a lot of touches, but it’s clear that Mack is a replacement. The Colts gave Jordan Wilkins zero touch in this game. Williams has a match with the Titans on Week 13, which just allowed Leonard Fournette to score 36.9 fantasy points (Williams is not at his level but not a bad sign). You can keep rolling Williams out there while Mack stays on the sidelines.

Jared Cook, NOT: Gouk scored 21.9 fantasy points in the Saints’ rise during the Panthers, transferring six of eight goals for 99 yards and a touchdown. It was his third consecutive game with at least 11 fantasy points, a total that reached only twice in the first nine weeks of the season. It has come down really strong lately, and the Saints need a second option behind Michael Thomas – it seems Cook is just that. He has four touchdowns in the last five games and is locked into a major role now. He has a matchup with the Falcons in Week 13, who scored 13.4 points against Week 10, despite the Saints losing 26-9. You can expect New Orleans to score more than nine points this time around and Cook should be in for another strong game. It can be used with confidence going forward and worth it if you can.

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Fantasy Football Trade Candidates: Stock Listing Down

Derek Carr, QB OAK: Carr has struggled to take advantage of the strong fight in the last two games and has almost departed from the fantastic radar. He had zero touchdowns against the Jets in Week 12, and managed to score just 5.18 fantasy points. He had nearly 21 points against the Bengals in Week 11, but that was after a 13.12 point performance against the Chargers in Week 10. He has a total of two touchdowns in his last three games, giving him 15 for the season. The Jets have been able to finish Josh Jacobs (they have been booked regularly this year), and Carr has not been able to step up against their poor training. A Week 13 matchup with the Chiefs may look appealing for fantasy purposes, but it will probably be Jacobs who bounces back and makes all the fantastic ratings for the Raiders.

Emmanuel Sanders, WR SF: Sanders had a very good stretch of three games, scoring 11, 12.5 and 24.2 fantasy points in weeks 7-9, but has since collapsed. In his last three games, he has not had just one game with seven fantasy points and has reached 13.2 points. In the 49ers’ 37 -8 win over the Packers in Week 12, Sanders finished with just one attempt for 15 yards on a single goal. This volume just isn’t going to do it, and the injury to Sanders’ sides probably didn’t help matters. George Kittle’s return this week brought too much volume for Sanders and was also out and offscored by Deebo Samuel (who looks like the Niners’ top receiver at this point) for the third consecutive game. His next matchups don’t look great and it would be dangerous to use him in any form. It can be left on the bench moving forward, and if you can still sell it, now is the time.

13 Week PPR RATING: Running Back Wide Receiver | Tight end

James White, RB NE: White had at least two-digit PPR fantasy points in all eight games he had played before Week 11, but now has back-to-back games of less than 10 points, including 0.90 points this night. He finished with two carries for five yards and scored on one of three targets for negative six yards. One good with White was his consistency, as he was not finished, having zero games with 20 points and only one game with more than 15, but the consistency seems to have disappeared. Rex Burkhead has taken over some of the past work from the backfield, and it’s hard to trust White now in any form.

Darren Waller, TE OAC: The Waller cliff dive continued this week as it finished with 7.1 points of PPR imagination. He scored on three of six goals for 41 yards. It was his fourth consecutive game without a touchdown, his fifth under-80 game and averaged just 3 skills per game in his last five games. He has reached double-digit fantasy points only once in the last five games and has not exceeded 13 points in any of them. That’s just not to do, and you can’t really look at it as a “lineup lock” anymore. He is still a talented player, but the Raiders’ offensive has been very recent and will never be explosive. You can still play it in most cases, but don’t be afraid to consider other options and see what you can sell if your league still allows you to negotiate.

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Fantasy Football Stock Tracking

Kaden Smith, NY NY: You might be asking yourself “Who ?!” Totally understandable. The tight end of the rookie had zero fantasy points in nine weeks and only 1.1 points in Week 12 against the bears. However, he did manage to fly to five of six targets for 17 yards and a drop in Giants loss, and that is enough to keep him out of view given the tight landscape. No, you don’t have to add it or use it in your shows, but just mark it and see how it does if Evan Engram (foot) is forced to lose further action. Round six had a productive final season at Stanford last year, hauling in 47 passes for 635 yards and a pair of scores. In fact it has no special properties, but it has strong hands and is natural.

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