Fantasy Injury Updates: Is Greg Zurlein playing on Saturday?

Greg Zuerlein has the rare injury that can affect fantasy football leagues. The man called “Greg the Leg” and “Legatron” is dealing with a four-leg injury that has so far prevented him from really hitting a football in practice this week. The Rams take on the 49ers Saturday night in Week 16 and Zuerlein is a fantasy freshman who starts every week when he’s healthy, so injury can affect their decisions, their decisions and their resignations. We will have updates below until the official active / inactive report drops at around 6:45 pm ET Saturday.

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Greg Zuerlein playing Saturday in Week 16?

There will be two things that can turn Zuerlein’s situation one way or another before we get to Saturday night. The first is if Zuerlein starts kicking in practice. Sean McVay told reporters Wednesday that he will wait as long as he can for the Zuerlein quad to heal before he can start again.

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The second giveaway on Zuerlein’s situation will be the L.A. Trading Exhibition. McVay also told reporters that thieves bring the kickers on Thursday to work. That would say that at some point on Friday, Los Angeles could potentially sign a kicker. If a signature is made, this is not a bad performance for Zuerlein’s situation.

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Even in a strong 49ers defense, Zuerlein is a clear start if he is active. He has done all his extra points and hit four of five kicks from over 50 yards this year. It will also get to kick in relatively hot California weather compared to what many kickers will deal with in late December elsewhere.

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