FAO calls for an extension of food aid to Afghanistan before the disaster

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations called on FAO to continue providing humanitarian support and food assistance to save lives in Afghanistan, stressing that the level of aid to Afghanistan in recent months has averted a humanitarian catastrophe.

The FAO representative in Afghanistan Richard Trenchard stressed that the crisis continues due to severe food insecurity in across the country, driven by several factors such as drought in course, the economic crisis and the growing debt, which deprives 20 million Afghans of food, underlining the urgent need for urgent support, in High food prices and inputs from the agricultural sector negatively impacted Afghans’ purchasing power for food.

FAO has stressed the need to broaden the scope of life-saving food assistance in Afghanistan and to quickly reach those suffering from the fourth and fifth levels of severe food insecurity before plunging into disaster.

In addition, dozens of women demonstrated in the capital, Kabul, to protest against the decision of the Taliban presidency to force women to wear the burqa (niqab) when they go out, preferring to prevent them from going out except for work.