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Fast X: Daniela Melchior Reveals Secrets Behind Isabel and Elena’s Epic Showdown

Dos Santos advised that it’s important to be cautious and ensure everything is clear when dealing with certain matters. He also mentioned that sometimes you may include things that you regret later on. However, in this particular case, it was intentional. For further elaboration, Chris Miller provides detailed commentary in the DVD version.

As per Weintraub’s observations, the movie is a treasure trove of intricate details that are impossible to capture in a single viewing. He recommended that watching the film multiple times while frequently pausing to appreciate the subtle nuances fully would be beneficial. Dos Santos was asked about the number of Easter eggs hidden in the movie, and he revealed that there were “thousands” of them. He added that watching the director’s commentary could discover all of these Easter eggs.

“I think, as in real life, many people have the same parents, they went to the same schools, they had the same experiences, or not, and they end up becoming different people and they have different paths and journeys and everything. I really think for her backstory, for Isabel’s backstory, it could have been Elena went to the police school and everything, and from that she would be like, ‘Oh, okay. Yeah, I know. She’s the perfect daughter,’ and then it would go down from there. It could have been a lot of stuff, but my way of thinking and living my character was really that I was living in her shadow even though she was with me all the time and she was very selfless and always worried about family and everything. So I didn’t hate her, but I was jealous in a way, very, very deep down.”


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