Fast X Debuts with a Rotten Score of 59%: Reviews Are Decidedly Mixed

The reviews for Fast X, the sequel to the action movie everyone was looking forward to, are now in. So, how does the tenth (wow, there have been ten of these?) Fast and Furious movie turn out? Is it an exciting ride in a car with a cute family of action heroes? Or has the series, which has been going for a decade, finally run out of steam? Well, Rotten Tomatoes gives it a bad rating of 59%, but let’s see what the reviews say…

Fast X is the latter, starting with MovieWeb’s own Julian Roman. Even though he likes that the sequel eliminated the more silly “outer space and underwater follies,” he thinks Fast X has too many characters, stupid side stories, and a busy plot.

“Reactions will vary depending on the degree of fandom. Fast X is cut from the same tried and true narrative cloth. This supposed last lap is the same rev and repeat scenario we’ve seen before. The tank has long run empty for me but the box office numbers prove otherwise. Stick around during the credits.”

Next is Tom Jorgensen of IGN Movies, who gave Fast X a lackluster 5/10 and said, “There’s still time for the Fast franchise to cross the finish line in first, but this flat tire of a “part one” will make the last lap a nailbiter.”

“An underwhelming lead-up to the series finale, Fast X’s only real redeeming quality is Jason Momoa’s bonkers performance as the villain.”

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