Fat Joe calls Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, to avoid the pressure of the Knicks. KD responds to the New York rapper

Fat Joe vs. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving is the beef rap that I never knew we needed – well, it’s one we didn’t even expect, at least.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Fat Joe called the Nets stars because they didn’t want the “pressure” and “media attention” associated with the Knicks. Durant and Irving signed four years of negotiations with the Nets last offseason after months of speculation about the two stars that brought the Knicks back into the fold.

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“We said, ‘We want New York, but let’s make it smaller than the drama.’ Let’s go to Brooklyn, “said Fat Joe, a big Knicks fan.” They didn’t want to stand there. Now you have to answer for things. “

Durant, who is expected to miss his first full season in Brooklyn following Achilles’ dismantling during the NBA Finals 2019, criticized the 49-year-old rapper, saying Fat Joe “is trying to sell this album”.

Oh that’s just the Joey crack trying to sell this album, go policeman that family ties on December 6th

– Kevin Durant (@ KDTrey5) December 4, 2019

It turns out that KD was right. Fat Joe got Durant’s answer and used it to promote “Family Ties”. It was also given to Durant for the incredible performance of 2011 at Rucker Park.

It may not be all the love between Fat Joe and the Nets right now, but when it comes to New York rivalries, what does love have to do with it?

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