Fatah is calling for mass rallies to fend off Israel’s extremists

Given the weeks of tension between Palestinians and Israelis in Jerusalem and the West Bank called die Fatah movement this Sunday for a general mobilization and the start of protest marches in defense of Jerusalem and to confront extremist settlers.

The Central Committee of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement “Fatah” called on its cadres to stand together to defend Jerusalem and to face the march of the extremist settlers.

She also stressed in issued a statement today, Sunday, following reports by the Palestinian News Agency that Jerusalem was a red line, stressing that the Palestinian people will not succumb to the policy of fait accompli. It appreciated die staunch Jerusalemites in the districts of Sheikh Jarrah, Batn al-Hawa and the other areas there die Ethnic cleansing policy will not go through again.

Right-wing hysteria

In addition, she made die Israeli government for the onset of the situation in Jerusalem and the entire Palestinian Territories fully responsible and demanded die international community to intervene quickly die Stop hysteria from Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli extreme right.

This appeal came as the tensions continued in several areas in the West Bank and Jerusalem and the occurrence of sporadic clashes and coincided with a number of settlers, die called for marches for the coming Thursday.

It is noteworthy that die Tensions in Jerusalem, especially in the Sheikh Jarrah district, in have increased sharply in recent weeks against the backdrop of the evacuation of Palestinian homes. A number of settlers attacked last month die Houses of Arabs (the so-called Palestinians of the Interior or Arabs of 48) and burned cars, and there were several clashes between Israeli police and a number of Palestinian youth.

More than 200,000 settlers live in East Jerusalem under 300,000 Palestinians, despite the fact that settlements are illegal under international law and several United Nations resolutions have been passed.

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