Father Paris, terrified, breaks the silence: he is crazy

After French prosecutors announced on Saturday that the arrest of the 70-year-old suspected of killing three Kurds with a pistol and wounding three others in Paris on Friday had been extended, the 90-year-old father told AFP that his son , on the morning of the accident, “he didn’t say anything when he left the house…he’s crazy,” he notes, tends to be “quiet” and “withdrawn.”

Punishment is possible

Investigations now focus on allegations of murder, attempted murder and gun violence, as well as racially motivated violations of gun legislation. “The addition of this order does not change the maximum possible sentence, which remains life imprisonment,” the prosecution said.

The man confirmed he was fired for being “racist,” a source close to the investigation said on Saturday in course to determine the reasons.

small bag

The source said the suspect, who was seized before police intervention, was arrested with a “small bag” containing “two or three magazines full of cartridges, and a box of .45 cartridges containing at least 25 cartridges”, confirming the information published by the French weekly “Le Journal du Dimanche”.

He explained that the weapon used was a 1911-45 Colt pistol, which “looks old.”

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Accidents have happened in a road near a Kurdish cultural center in a commercial district frequented by the Kurdish community. The shooter had committed violent acts in passed using a weapon.

3 dead

Three people, two men and a woman, were killed in the shooting, one man was seriously injured and two others were injured in less serious way.

The woman who was killed was Amina Kara, leader of the Kurdish women’s movement in France, according to the Kurdish Democratic Council in France. The movement’s spokesman, Ajit Polat, said on Friday in a press conference that he had applied for political asylum, “which was rejected by the French authorities”.

As for the two men killed, they are Abd al-Rahman Kizil, an “ordinary Kurdish citizen” who visits the cultural center “daily”, and Mir Perwer, an artist and Kurdish political refugee who is “persecuted in Turkey because of its art”, according to the same source.

“shameful attack”

A police source confirmed the identities of Emine Kara and Abdurrahman Kizil to AFP.

For his part, French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the “shameful attack” which “targeted the Kurds in France”. The Paris police chief received officials from the Kurdish community on Saturday morning.

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