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Features To Consider While Choosing An Onboarding Software

Onboarding is an essential part of the employee and HR lifecycle, and HR mustn’t face difficulties timing tasks while onboarding a new employee and getting them done by the specific teams smoothly. These tasks, done manually, will take more time and effort than thought. Therefore you need onboarding software to catalyze the whole onboarding process.

An Onboarding software such as skilljar integrates with the HR management of an organization and helps in the hiring procedure of new employees. Moreover, it digitalizes the operation and connects the new employees with their associates and supervisors in a company. Getting them orientated, immersed, and up to produce as intelligently as possible is one hell of a task. However, an ideal employee onboarding software offers a wide array of benefits, including:

  • Reduces the burden of HR and administrative by authorizing new staff to serve themselves.
  • Facilitates eLearning, training, and onboarding sessions flexibly to the individual’s location, device, and requirements.
  • Streamlining and facilitating processes and paperwork.
  • Encourage individuals to tap into the virtual workplace and understand their new company’s values, culture, and goals.
  • Fast-tracks productivity with easy access and centralized information and learning materials.

Hence, onboarding solutions not only answer to core necessities of traditional onboarding but also provide flexibility to be customized according to organization needs. So, before incorporating one into your system, do consider the following features:

Paperless Onboarding

Overwhelming candidates with tons of paperwork before or while joining the company may put them in a dilemma, even if they’re remote workers or have not relocated yet. So, the onboarding software you choose must be able to systematize all the paperwork neatly and streamline the document exchange between the employees and you online. Additionally, it should be incorporated with an e-signature app so that the candidates and their managers can sign the documents electronically without organizing hard copies. You can also track the growth of the documents through the software and do not have to call your employees now and then.

User-friendly intuitive interface

It is common for new hires to get scared off by complex onboarding software that is difficult to use on their first day. That’s why the company needs to ensure that the onboarding software you choose is simple, user-friendly, and straightforward. It should also allow you to tailor the onboarding program that fits your candidates in the best way possible.


Candidate onboarding or pre-onboarding is arguably one of the most resistless periods during the recruitment and onboarding cycle when a recruit accepts your offer letter and when onboarding formally starts. During this period, developing a good relationship with your candidates is necessary and helps them get a little wisdom about how the company works. It helps them prepare themselves for their first day at work without being nervous. The chosen employee onboarding software should allow you to send any related forms, videos, or policies you expect candidates to go through before they start work. Moreover, it should also let candidates submit paperwork, personal information, letters, identification documents, or whatever is needed.

Mobile and cloud-based application

A user-friendly interface that you do things from your mobile as efficiently as laying on your bed and relaxing. Onboarding cloud-based, mobile-ready, and accessible software is crucial for a company’s growth. Managing and storing documents with Cloud becomes efficacious. It makes cooperation among employees easier and offers stability and data recovery in an organization.


Evolving experiences and needs shape the worker’s lifecycle at every stage. Therefore, the information provided during onboarding should reflect those needs for personalized and customized experiences. The onboarding software should have the ability to improve dynamic content based on attributes such as job title, location, seniority level, department, training progress, and more, and ensure users receive timely and relevant information to keep them engrossed throughout the onboarding procedure.


Onboarding is important for every new hire. It establishes the attitude for the candidate’s entire career at an organization. But how you manage and organize the onboarding process plays a crucial role in engaging employees and making them start their journey on the right foot. Make sure your onboarding software gives in to all your needs, as one size rarely fits all. However, an organization can handle several common challenges added while onboarding with a considered strategy and technique.


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