Federal Defense Minister accused Russia of “provocation” over die Ukraine

Federal Defense Minister Annegret Kramp Karnbauer, Wednesday, indicted Russia as a “provocation” By die Mobilization of forces on the border with Ukraine.

“My impression is that die Russian side tried everything to provoke a reaction, “said Kramp Karenbauer before a meeting of the defense and foreign ministers of the NATO member states to the German public broadcaster” ARD “.” My impression is that die Russian side tries it. “everything to provoke a reaction, adding:” With Ukraine we will not in drawn into this game. “

Demanded on Monday die Foreign ministers of the G7 member states on Russia to stop its “provocations” and die To “defuse” escalation on the Ukrainian border, where it is gathering its armed forces.

“We urge Russia to put an end to its provocations and act immediately to die To defuse escalation of tensions in line with its international commitments, “said die minister in a joint statement.

And they were of the opinion that “die widespread movement of these forces without prior notice poses a threat and a destabilizing factor, “and urged Moscow to” be transparent in Reference to Military Action “based on its commitment within the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

On the other hand, Federal Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karenbauer said on Wednesday that die NATO forces It is likely to withdraw from Afghanistan in SeptemberSimilar to the American armed forces. “We always said: ‘We’ll go in together (with the Americans) and we’ll go out together,'” said Kramp-Karnbauer. “I am in favor of an orderly withdrawal so I assume that we will decide that today,” she added.

During this ministerial conference, the alliance should decide via video whether die Conditions for die Completion of the mission “Resolute Support” in Afghanistan are met or whether this military presence, die is represented by 9,600 soldiers from 36 countries.

Following an agreement between the administration of former US President Donald Trump and the Taliban movement, all foreign forces will leave Afghanistan on May 1.

A US official said US President Joe Biden had decided that die U.S. Forces beyond May 1st in Afghanistan would remain, but that country would remain “unconditionally” until September 11, the twentieth anniversary of the 2001 attacks in the US, would leave Western intervention in the country.

Biden’s expected withdrawal date is four months after May 1st, in the die Donald Trump administration negotiated with the Taliban last year.

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