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Fierce fighting in Donets and Russian missiles have cut off the electricity in Kiev

Today, Friday, the Russian special military operation in Ukraine enters in a new day of escalation, as units of the Russian army strike the positions of the Ukrainian forces and the depots of weapons and ammunition, while Kiev is trying to reconquer its lands that were controlled by Moscow with Western support.

In the latest development, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Russian bombing had cut off electricity in many parts of Ukraine.

“Currently, more than ten million Ukrainians are without electricity, especially in the capital Kiev,” Zelensky said.

On the ground, the Ukrainian military has reported that a number of Russian missiles have fallen on several regions of Ukraine, while fierce fighting continues in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine.

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The Ukrainian military added in a statement that the Russian army has made large and active movements in the last period in eastern Ukraine.

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Several Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kiev, came under Russian shelling on Thursday, in coinciding with the first snowfall in a country that witnesses frequent power outages and where temperatures can drop to minus ten degrees.

These attacks have been repeated since October, targeting in especially power generation infrastructure, which has deprived millions of Ukrainians of electricity and water.

And the Ukrainian national operator, “Okrinergo”, announced the prolongation of power outages due to “the deteriorating situation”.

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