FIFA praises the development of women’s football in Morocco

CAIRO: The International Federation of Association Football has praised the great development achieved by its Moroccan counterpart, especially in the field of women’s football. FIFA said today, Thursday, on its site web official that after the 2-1 defeat against South Africa in the final of the African Women’s Cup of questyear was the only loss suffered, the Moroccan women’s team was in able to walk the field against all odds. FIFA added: “Given the great enthusiasm that prevailed in the country during the stages of this tournament that it has organized, the Moroccan national team has surprised even outside the green rectangle.” “The Moroccan Football Federation has invested a lot in recent years in this sport and its efforts are starting to bear fruit,” explained FIFA. FIFA then revealed: “This strong uprising is surprising given the repercussions of the Covid-19 virus on the country.” “It was a very tragic phase for everyone,” said Tarek Negm, general secretary of the Moroccan Football Federation. Our goal was to restart the tournament as soon as possible after the end of the quarantine. And that’s what we managed to do, not only for women’s football, but also for all other categories.” He added: “That was done in coordination with the Moroccan health authorities, who have imposed a series of preventive health measures. And we had to make a great effort in financing terms. We asked for the contribution of Fifa in this sense”. Under FIFA’s proposed COVID-19 assistance programme, each member association was entitled to apply for a US$500,000 grant for women’s football. This grant helped give Morocco a fresh chance to sign a fresh start for the sport. “There is no doubt that we still have a lot of work to do, but there is no doubt that the talent is there,” said Anthony Remasson, coach of the Moroccan women’s under-17 team, who quest’year he won his first ticket to participate in the World Cup finals in this age group. “Women’s football is still a very new sport in Morocco,” Remasson said. The organizational structures took time to come into place. Today it can be said that this sport is well organised: today we have better means of discovering talent”. (dpa)