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FIFA President: The World Cup in Qatar will be the best ever

Doha – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: The president of the International Football Association (FIFA) Gianni Infantino, reiterated that the Qatar World Cup 2022 will be the best edition ever. Infantino pointed out that the eight World Cup stadiums were built according to the standard higher to ensure easy access and unobstructed viewing. He added that the World Cup in Qatar inspired the International Federation to invite the federations of the FIFA member states to adopt the plans and the standard reached from Qatar. This took place during his speech as part of the activities of the fifth edition of the Empowerment Forum organized by the Supreme Committee for the handover and inheritance in Doha, under the slogan “Championship for All “. The Empowerment Forum is concerned with involving people with special needs in a championship and create a sustainable legacy for them, while adopting projects that allow this category to participate and enjoy various activities in Qatar. Infantino stressed that “the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be the most convenient for the movement among the World Cup tournaments (since 1930) organized by FIFA. “He stressed that” more than 6,500 volunteers have been trained to deal with people with disabilities. “For his part, Hassan Al Thawadi , general secretary of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Inheritance, stressed in his speech at the fifth session of the Empowerment Forum that “in two weeks we will see the efforts of the forum, which helped to make all the facilities of the World Cup accessible to all. World. ”He added:“ In addition to the material legacy of the championship, there is a moral legacy that we will touch as a result of these efforts in the various health and education sectors and in the workplace to empower people with disabilities. We managed to meet the standard requested and we have even improved and modified them to make them the best they can be. ”Khaled Al-Nama, the official spokesperson for the Projects and Legacy Committee, said:“ We are working with stakeholders to ensure that everyone has an accessible and barrier-free journey. . We are keen to involve all segments of society in all our digital events and platforms, and to keep all promises to make the World Cup accessible to all without discrimination. “During the meeting, the officials confirmed that” the committee has tried from the beginning to make the category of people with disabilities a center of interest and easy access for all groups to the championship fields. “Session officials revealed to Al-Quds Al-Arabi that the audio commentary, in Arabic, will be one of the most important results of the cooperation between the two sides (the attic for projects and those who are interested in people with disabilities), which is the first, and is distributed in the countries of the world and anyone who is blind can enjoy watching the world Cup. Al-Quds Al-Arabi has obtained data and reports explaining the organizers’ work to bring the tournament to life for people with disabilities, not only in stadiums, but from around the world. Allowing people with disabilities convenient access to facilities In line with the Qatar Foundation’s commitment to provide inclusiveness and accessibility within its core missions and in support of the 2022 World Cup, these services will also be provided during matches during the tournament , after being successfully introduced for the first time during the Arabian Cup. Four commentators, students and graduates of the Master of Arts in Audiovisual Translation at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, both will participate in Arabic that in English during the opening and closing ceremonies of the tournament, while 19 commentators will participate in the provision of this service during the World Cup matches. The audio description of football matches includes accurate description of every detail of the stadium, in so that this is not only limited to the directions of the football and the movement of the players, but also harmonizes with all the sounds of the stadium, to create an integrated image that allows blind and visually impaired fans to immerse themselves in the experience and experience the scene in Every detail. Mashael Hassan Al-Naimi, CEO of Strategic Initiatives at Qatar Foundation, said: “Access to knowledge and opportunities is at the heart of the Qatar Foundation’s system and mission, based on our belief in the need to provide development opportunities. , participation and exploration for all without barriers “. He added: “The Qatar Foundation’s support for the World Cup through various initiatives, events and innovations reflects our commitment to providing accessibility and inclusiveness in order to enable all individuals of all ages, abilities, cultures and other considerations to make leave and enjoy the biggest sporting event in the world ”. And he continued: “The presentation of the audio description at the opening and closing ceremonies of the tournament, in addition to the descriptive audio commentary during the matches, is in in line with Qatar’s efforts to host the best version of the World Cup in terms of accessibility, is just one example that expresses the efforts of Qatar and the Qatar Foundation to dedicate sport in order to remove barriers and obstacles for individuals and build a culture of accessibility and empowerment that has a lasting social impact on inside and outside Qatar. “For her part, Dr. Amal Mohamed Al-Malki, founding dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, explained that “the vision of the college since its inception has been based on the enrichment of communities in Qatar and abroad by providing multidisciplinary services educational experiences that offer the academic community opportunities for constructive partnerships and innovative research experiences ”. He said: “The students of the Master of Arts in Audiovisual Translation are participating in projects that aim to bring about a positive change in the field of inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities in Qatar, in collaboration with museums, film producers and various institutions and entities in Qatar “. The Qatari official added:” Our latest collaboration with FIFA focuses on providing audio description services during the opening and closing ceremonies of the World Cup, with the aim of providing an accessible experience to the blind and visually impaired fans. The Hamad Bin Khalifa University Translation and Training Center, in collaboration with Qatar 2022 and the Center for follow-up facilitated football matches in Europe, provided intensive training to a group of young people interested in football to provide descriptive audio commentary on football matches during the Arab Cup in Qatar in 2021, who will now volunteer to participate in the provision of these services during the World Cup. Direct Audio Description Preparations to provide a live audio description during the tournament included the completion of more than 19 volunteers in an intensive training program, focused on equipping them with the skills and competencies needed to provide this service to the blind and visually impaired. , and aligning the commentary with all the other sounds in the stadium to allow spectators to experience the show. The Qatar Foundation recently revealed the series of events and activities that Education City will host during the tournament and in the run up to it, which will be available for all to participate and enjoy, as the Qatar Foundation World Cup campaign runs under the slogan ” Football is for all of us “and reflects how this edition will be from the tournament, the best in terms of accessibility, and to express the Qatar Foundation’s commitment to providing opportunities complete and accessible to all individuals to explore and take advantage of.


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