FIFA promises disciplinary action after the suspension of the Brazil-Argentina match

The International Football Association (FIFA) expressed its regret on Monday for the suspension of the match, scheduled for Sunday between the two historical rivals Brazil and Argentina in the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, due to the intervention of the Brazilian health authorities in an attempt to eject four guest players.

FIFA has promised a disciplinary “decision” in as the body responsible for this match, expressing its regret for the “scenes which preceded the suspension” of the match and “which prevented us from enjoying a match between two of the most important football teams in the world.”

Only five minutes after the start of the match, representatives of the Brazilian health authorities stormed the stadium, which led to a great controversy, after which the Argentine players entered the locker room and did not return in field, which led to the game being permanently stopped.

The goal of the entry of the health authorities was to demand the withdrawal of three players from the starting lineup of the Argentine national team due to the allegations that were in England in the last 14 days prior to their arrival in Brazil, and therefore they must be in forty.

Uncertainty overshadowed the plight of four Argentine professional players in England after Brazilian health authorities recommended Sunday putting them on in quarantine a few hours before the game starts.

After various consultations between the various parties, and the Argentine team remained in the locker room for about 3 hours, the members of questlast they left the stadium after about an hour.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has confirmed in a statement to the Argentine Football Association on Twitter that “we have not been informed in no time that the four players were not allowed to play the game. We wanted to play the game, and so did the Brazilians. “

According to Brazil’s National Health Monitoring Agency, Premier League players Giovanni Lo Celso and Christian Romero (Tottenham), goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez (Arsenal) and Emiliano Buendia (Aston Villa) provided information false when they entered in Brazil.

The Brazilian Health Monitoring Agency said the entry of the four players in Brazilian territory “poses a health risk and we recommend local health authorities (in Sao Paulo) to order the immediate quarantine of players who are prohibited from participating in any activity and remaining on Brazilian soil,” according to the statement, which notified to the Brazilian Federal Police. “To take the necessary measures immediately.”

The four were accused of failing to disclose spending time in the UK in the 14 days prior to their arrival in Brazil to meet their national team in a replay of the Copa America final in which Argentina beat rivals 1-0 at Maracana quest’summer.

A ministerial decision of 23 June prohibits the entry of any foreign person from the United Kingdom, India or South Africa into Brazilian territory in the context of limiting the spread of the Corona virus, in detail of the changed Delta.

But three of these players, goalkeeper Martinez, Lo Celso and Romero, started the game as protagonists, while Buendia was the only one absent from the entire squad.

The president of the Argentine Football Association, Claudio Tapia, has denied every “lie” on the part of the players involved.

FIFA revealed that “the first official match reports have been sent to FIFA. This information will be analyzed by the relevant disciplinary authorities and a decision will be made. in timely manner “.

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