FIFA rejects the appeal and decides to keep the Brazil-Argentina match canceled

Zurich: the FIFA Appeals Commission decided today, Monday, to hold the Brazil-Argentina match, canceled a few minutes after the start of the World Cup qualifiers, after the appeal lodged by the two national associations was rejected. The match was suspended minutes after it started after Brazilian health officials stormed the stadium to prevent the participation of Argentine professional players. in England and claimed to have violated quarantine restrictions to fight Covid-19 in the country. The two teams have already qualified for the World Cup finals in Qatar at the end of questyear, as Brazil passed the qualifiers in South America and Argentina finished second. In February, FIFA decided to replay the match. “After considering the appeal presented by each association and considering all the circumstances, the appeals committee decided to replay the match,” said FIFA. in a note. The committee also withheld a fine of 50,000 Swiss francs ($ 50,322) imposed on the two associations following the cancellation of the match. FIFA had previously fined the Brazilian and Argentine federations of 500 and 200,000 Swiss francs, respectively, for violating the principles of “order and security”. However, the appeal commission decided to reduce the fine to 250,000 francs for the Brazilian Football Confederation and 100,000 francs for the Argentine Football Association. Last month, the AFA said it would appeal to the Sports Arbitration Court. Brazil plays with Argentina in a friendly in Melbourne in June. (Reuters)