FIFA sells 1.8 million tickets for the World Cup in Qatar

DOHA: FIFA announced today Wednesday that organizers have sold 1.8 million tickets for the World Cup quest’year in Qatar, in view of the next round ticket sales, which will begin on July 5. FIFA said there is a special category of tickets available only to residents of the host country, Qatar, and that Gulf state fans have purchased the most tickets. The International Federation declared in a statement that in addition to Qatar, Canada, England, France, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and the United States were the most important countries in which fans bought the most tickets. A FIFA spokesman said the governing body plans to sell a total of 3 million tickets during the 28-day tournament, which begins on November 21. The list of participants in the World Cup has been completed and 32 teams have already booked their seats in the final. The next round of sales will remain open until August 16 and tickets will be confirmed upon payment in based on the order of arrival. The last phase of ticket sales, which took place through a random lottery, ended at the end of last April. (Reuters)