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FIFA: The English Premier League has the option to suspend matches due to Corona


London: The International Football Association (FIFA) said the English Premier League has the option to suspend matches due to the new Corona virus, during the international hiatus later this month. The Premier League for reasons related to the new Corona virus last month, in amid an increase in the number of cases, and new dates have been set for only three of the 18 games so far. , any European national team, and was considered by the League at the start of the league as an opportunity for any player who had not been called to participate in an international participation to take some rest. The English Premier League, if he wanted to organize matches in that period, provided that non-European players can be in the teams of their countries if they are invited to do so. With the conditions of the players and their transfers, in the international calendar it is mandatory to allow players to play for the teams of their country. ” play with his country “. Playing league games during the national team break creates some integrity issues, as some club they may be affected more than others by the absence of players outside the European continent. Some club have already weakened after allowing players to participate in the African Nations Cup, which starts next Sunday in Premier League, did not comment on how it intends to set new dates for matches that have been postponed, in addition to the three matches that were scheduled for last week, which are (Southampton and Brentford), (West Ham and Norwich) and Everton. And Leicester. Season in course saw 91 per cent of the English Premier League games take place, according to the schedule. From tomorrow, Thursday, the League will oblige club and players lead (B) test. CR) for all players and staff twice a week, the British news agency (BA Media) learned. club they will continue to lead test of lateral flow every day, but i test “BCR” will only be performed to confirm the presence of a positive sample in lateral prove of flow. ba)

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