FIFA withdraws its threats to English teams

LONDON: I club Premier League who refused to fly their players from Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Paraguay to participate in World Cup qualifiers with their national teams on their last international holiday will be able to participate with these players in National League matches this week after abandoning the threat to ban these players for five days. THE club of Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City were among the teams that did not allow their players from these countries to travel to join teams in World Cup qualifiers to avoid being subject to the preventive and precautionary restrictions imposed on “red. list” in Great Britain on the way back. These countries have waived the right to activate the suspension of their players after the talks. The International Football Association (FIFA) stated in a statement in this regard that this decision was reached “on the basis of goodwill and constructive dialogue between FIFA and the UK government regarding the upcoming international holidays in October”. The leaders of FIFA, the English Football Association and the Premier League have sent a letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking him to solve the problem. “Now the British government is ready to reach a solution with the three institutions … for the good of all,” FIFA said in a note. (Reuters)

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