Files are stuck in between. No solutions were proposed at the Biden Erdogan meeting

Although US President Joe Biden and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan were optimistic after their first direct talks on Monday, they did not announce a major breakthrough in the relations between the two countries, die Have differences over Russian weapons, and die Files from Syria and Libya, and many other subjects. Biden said at a press conference after the meeting in Brussels with Erdogan that the meeting between them was “positive and fruitful”, but he hinted that their teams die Talks will continue to make progress between the two parties.

The Turkish president, in turn, described his talks with his American counterpart on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Brussels as “constructive and sincere”.

No details on solutions

But despite their publicly optimistic tone, they didn’t go into details about how they did die Relationships would actually improve, nor did they offer steps die would help die Reduce tensions between the two NATO allies.

Files are stuck in between.  No solutions were proposed at the Biden Erdogan meeting

From the NATO meeting in Brussels on Monday 14 June 2021 (AFP)

From the S-400 to the Armenian Genocide

Turkey, a member of NATO, angered its partners in the Western military alliance by buying Russian surface-to-air missiles and themselves in the war in Syria and Libya interfered.

Washington has already banned Ankara from the F-35 fighter program and imposed sanctions in response to Ankara’s purchase of the Russian S-400 missile system.

It also tightened Biden’s admission that die The massacre of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire in 1915 represented genocide, die Tensions between Washington and Ankara.



Turkey’s dispute with Greece and Cyprus over areas in the eastern Mediterranean also has die Tensions with the Atlantic increased.

orphaned point of light

The orphaned spotlight in the open questions between the two countries was however in Represent Afghanistan, which recently formed one of the areas in that Erdogan hoped die Main role of Turkey in highlight of NATO when he offered his country the airport of Kabul after the withdrawal of the US and NATO forces in the coming weeks.

But although NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said die Turkey will play a key role in protecting the airport, no decision was made at the summit on Monday.

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