Final Fantasy 14 developer explains why it refines the 2B butt outfit

With the release of the Nier: Automata Alliance raids for Final Fantasy 14, 2B’s outfit was added to the game.

When players equip the lower part of the 2B kit, the character is put in underwear and over the knee socks. More importantly, it enlarged your character’s butt. However, when the last patch was released a few weeks ago, players noticed that the 2B butt had flattened to its standard size.

In the final Final Fantasy 14 live stream with the developers, producer Naoki Yoshida found that he was aware of the problem. According to a fan who translated the live stream, he realized that Reddit had called this “bottom nerf”. Polygon has contacted Square Enix for translation accuracy.

Yoshida noticed that this “nerf” is only temporary. The larger butt was provided without the right parameters, so it didn’t go away when the players sat down, causing problems. Yoshida admitted that players wanted to add butt sliders to in-game character customization, and considered this equipment as a way to do that. He said the development team is working on a fix and players will get their big 2B asses back in patch 5.18, which will be released on December 24th.

Image: Enix square over polygon

It is incredible how Yoshida explains the problem in a professional way – see above. Unfortunately, at some point he had to turn to other details about upcoming patches. Final Fantasy 14 developers discussed patch 5.2 and related new content in February, including new dungeons, trials, and changes to the crafting system.

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