Final Fantasy 16: A Divisive Game that Disappoints Some Fans


It was done. With a series as rich as Final Fantasy it was impossible for the developers to reach the unanimity of the players. This problem is found for each work touching on the nostalgic fiber of fans and for several long years the license has been at the heart of a vast debate. For the past few days, opinions have been raining and some fans are genuinely disappointed with the game designers’ choices. The demo had given a first glimpse, but Final Fantasy 16 takes a bit of the structure of the thirteenth episode and many are those who do not hang on to this mixture of “endless corridors” and “non-interactive cinematic scenes”. Although Metacritic’s rating peaks at a nice 88%, some comments speak volumes about the disappointment of players who did not understand where the developers were coming from. Looking closer, one guesses the pill doesn’t pass.

Disappointment, Netflix and basic, the losing cocktail of Final Fantasy 16

The grievances against Final Fantasy 16 are different depending on the person, but there is a set of elements that keep coming back when reading the comments. In addition to the main characters who are not charismatic and interesting enough (Clive is particularly targeted), the fans of the first hour regret that the story, “banal”, is Manichean and that the demo is enough to understand comment this will end. Others feel that Final Fantasy, for what the franchise stands for, deserved much better when it came to world-building. Considered ultra linear, empty and lacking in magic, this sixteenth episode is even considered, by some, as less good than the previous episodes (which, themselves, had been the subject of many negative reviews). The other problem that crystallizes the attention of disappointed people is the endless cutscenes that give the feeling of “watching a Netflix series”. You will have understood it, Final Fantasy 16 divides and it is a mild understatement.

Positive Aspects

Of course, every opinion should be respected and if Final Fantasy 16 is targeted by many people, there is also a large part of the players who are won over by this new episode. Despite a repetitive structure and a somewhat sluggish start, this part is nonetheless spectacular, with effective gameplay and benefiting from a staging, during the battles of boss and Primordials, quite striking. For some, Final Fantasy 16 is also one of the most mature episodes and this is far from trivial for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in a modern Final Fantasy. Afterwards, it’s like everything, tastes and colors are sometimes not discussed.


Final Fantasy 16’s divisive nature continues to spark debate among fans. While some express disappointment with its structure, characterization, and storytelling, others appreciate its gameplay and maturity. Ultimately, opinions on the game vary greatly, reminding us that personal tastes and preferences can shape one’s perception of even the most highly anticipated titles.

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