Final Fantasy XIV: 9.09 update – Notes on patch 5.55 on June 2

Square Enix and the developers today released to new update for Final Fantasy XIV. Update 9.09 has been released on June 2 during maintenance work.

The Final Fantasy XIV Update 9.09 and now available for download for all platforms. The patch includes some changes and bugs are fixed.

Notes on patch FFXIV 9.09 update

  •  The following adjustment was made:
      • In the following content, players invulnerability will be granted for a certain period of time after being moved immediately in a sealed area where is the battle has already started.
        • The critical engagement “The Battle of Castrum Lacus Litore” in the southern front of Bozjan
          • The critical engagement “La Dalriada” in Zadnor
          • Delubrum Reginae
  •  The following problems have been resolved:
    • A issue in the southern front of Bozjan in which progression of Save the queen quests caused two iterations of the NPC Resistance historian to appear on higher of each other.
    • A issue in the critical engagement “The broken blade” in Zadnor in which Hypertuned Dabog was motionless in certain conditions.
    • A issue in the critical engagement “La Dalriada” in Zadnor in which after battle area is unlocked after defeating Sartauvoir the Hell, attempting to proceed from using an action in that a player being moved over great distances would render the player.
    • A issue in the mobile Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah in where the server would be crash under certain conditions.
    • A issue in Amh Araeng in the non-interactable object “Exit to the Greater Hold” was visible, which does not appear in normal circumstances.
    • A issue in which users were not in able to turn on/off Japanese text input. (PlayStation®5)
    • A issue in which registration out in certain areas and the attempt to access in with the same character turned out in the player to be stuck on the loading screen. (PlayStation®5)


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