Finally! Moonlighting Series with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd Available for Streaming on Hulu


Spooky Season Arrives with the Addition of “Moonlighting” to Hulu



October marks the beginning of Spooky Season, where many of us turn to our streaming services in search of upcoming Horror movies that will send shivers down our spines. However, this month, something equally exciting has made its way to Hulu. The timeless television series “Moonlighting” has finally arrived on the streaming platform after being unavailable for decades. Starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd as witty detectives, this show is scary good and offers thrilling entertainment to both new and longtime fans.

Rediscovering “Moonlighting”

Moonlighting played a significant role in propelling Bruce Willis’s career, as he captivated audiences with his performance alongside Cybill Shepherd. Their dynamic chemistry created a sexy “Will they or won’t they?” tension reminiscent of the famous Sam and Diane relationship from Cheers. Now that Moonlighting is available on Hulu, Willis’s wife, Emma Hemming, expressed her joy on social media, sharing a snapshot of Willis at the height of his prime.

A New Era for “Moonlighting”

While we share Hemming’s excitement for Moonlighting on Hulu, it’s essential to acknowledge that the show hadn’t been completely locked away from audiences. Episodes and seasons of the 1985 detective comedy were previously accessible through DVD sets (though currently out of print) or bootleg copies found on YouTube. Unfortunately, the video quality of these sources was often less than desirable, and certain key episodes had missing footage. However, the Hulu stream has rectified these issues, providing a fully intact and enhanced viewing experience.

Restoring and Preserving “Moonlighting”

Indiewire highlights the meticulous restoration efforts undertaken before “Moonlighting” reached Hulu. The damaged footage received repairs, and new content included engaging cold open sequences where Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd banter, breaking the fourth wall in innovative ways that were uncommon for TV shows at the time. Mike DeKalb, the distribution operations manager overseeing catalog TV mastering at The Walt Disney Company, describes this new presentation of Moonlighting as a long-awaited treasure:

“This is like a Rosetta Stone. This is something that people have been waiting for years.”

A Bittersweet Reminder of Willis’s Talent

Recent updates on Bruce Willis’s health have left fans concerned. Moonlighting creator Glenn Gordon Caron confirmed that Willis is currently battling aphasia, which has affected his ability to speak fluently. Emma Hemming has been using her social media presence not only to keep fans informed about Willis’s ongoing struggles but also to share glimpses of him at the height of his acting prowess in Moonlighting. The show heavily relied on Willis’s precision and timing with wordplay, making the availability of Moonlighting on Hulu an opportunity to revisit the golden age of his career.

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