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Find out about Russia’s losses in two months of his war in Ukraine


The latest statistics released by the Ukrainian ground forces on Sunday indicate that what Russia has lost in two months of his campaign, which began on February 24, is equivalent to arming an entire army, despite the inability of “Al Arabiya.net”To verify the numbers, which state that more than 21,800 Russians were killed amid bitter resistance from the Ukrainian army and people.

In equipment and words for the Ukrainian ground forces, Russia has lost a lot, as 873 tanks were destroyed, as well as 2,238 armored vehicles, 179 aircraft, 154 helicopters and 408 artillery systems, from the start of the war to which the Russia has allocated more than 280,000 troops. , of whom 125,000 fought in and around Ukraine, but were forced to withdraw from the outskirts of the capital Kiev in late March and repositioned them in the eastern Donbas region after the Ukrainian army repulsed their advance, inflicting their heavy losses.

The heavy losses of the Russian forces were attributed to bad tactical decisions made by the Russian leaders in amid a significant reduction in the capabilities of the Ukrainian armed forces, and they belatedly discovered that the number of Russian soldiers needed to take over the entire country and control the entire population must be close to one million, according to reports from the media.British about Michael Clarke, visiting professor at the Department of War Studies of King’s College London, whose analysis finds that “the Kremlin has sadly underestimated the amount of force needed to force its neighbor into submission,” he said.

Clark indicated that the fighting power in Ukraine had grown up in Significantly, thanks to the number of reservists who registered in the weeks leading up to the Russian campaign, the influx of foreign fighters who volunteered to fight alongside the Ukrainians, and the introduction of conscription, which undermined morale among Russian forces as they were dispatched in Ukraine in battle, to the point that she appeared unprepared and untrained in the face of stiff resistance.

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