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Find out the specifics of the American weapons that Kiev will use to take on Moscow


US President Joe Biden has announced that the US will send advanced missile systems in Ukraine. The new weapon consists of the Himars multi-launch missile system and the MLRS mobile units, in capable of launching multiple precision-guided missiles at the same time, according to what was published by the British “The Guardian”, which indicated that both Ukraine and Russia are already operating the MLRS. The novelty, however, is that the HIMARS missiles, which are short for High Mobility Artillery Missile System, they are characterized by superior range and accuracy.

Newer and lighter version

The HIMARS M142 artillery system highly mobile it is a modern, lighter and more agile version of the unit mobile on MLRS M270 wheels, developed in the 1970s for the United States and allied forces.

A US official said the HIMARS missiles, which Washington will supply to Ukraine, will have a range of about 80 kilometers.

HIMARS units carry a preloaded pod of six 227mm guided missiles and M270 units carry two pods) or a large pod loaded with the ATACMS tactical missile system, which has a range of up to 300km, but the US will not provide ATACMS in Ukraine.

A crew of a few people can easily replace the HIMARS missile pod in minutes without the assistance of other vehicles, but operational crews need some training.

“change agent”

HIMARS will give Ukrainian forces the ability to strike farther behind Russian lines and at distances better protected by Russian long-range weapons.

The GPS-guided HIMARS missiles are about twice the range of the M777 howitzers recently supplied by the United States to the Ukrainian forces, which means that the HIMARS missile system can be deployed at a range of approximately 80 km, which means that it will generally be out use of Russian artillery beam, while setting in Russian batteries are in danger. It could also threaten Russian supply depots, despite Western belief that Russian forces are experiencing logistical problems.

Some analysts have argued that HIMARs may be a “change agent” in the war in one moment in which Ukrainian forces appear to be fighting under Russian artillery fire, while another team claims that the HIMARS effect will not suddenly change the situation.

Improve defensive skills

On the other hand, US Undersecretary of Defense Colin Cale said during a press conference at the Pentagon that Washington will provide Ukraine, together with the “HIMARS” system, a package of weapons and equipment, including five anti-artillery radar systems, two air surveillance radar, 1,000 Javelin guided missiles and 50 launch units, 6,000 anti-armor weapons and 15,000 155mm artillery rounds. The deal also includes four Mi-17 helicopters, 15 tactical vehicles, and additional spare parts and equipment.

According to Defense News, Cal added that the latest equipment package for Ukraine is likely not to be the last and that Washington will continue to “consult closely with Ukraine and increase the additional systems and capabilities available to support its. defence”.

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