Find the remains of the last Tasmanian wolf in the museum’s treasury

Scientists have found the remains of the last long-lost Tasmanian wolf in the Australian Museum Treasury.

Artnet points out that scientists found the remains of the Tasmanian wolf, also known as the Tasmanian marsupial tiger, after losing hope of finding it.

This old wolf was illegally hunted in the wild and sold to the Hobart Zoo, where she died in 1936.

And it turned out that the reason for the loss of the remains of this marsupial wolf was that the place of its preservation was incorrectly recorded in the zoo documents. Therefore, experts believed that his skin and skeleton were thrown away and would not be found.

But it turned out that the lupus had been taken to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery that same year and had not been properly catalogued, so it got lost in its vaults.

Annual report of the museum for 1936-37. aroused the interest of specialists, since they found in it an indirect mention of the marsupial wolf. This report has been prepared for educational, not research purposes, and is intended for use in teaching students of marsupials.

It was believed that the Tasmanian wolves attack livestock, so hunting them was allowed. These wolves look like dogs, but their tails are like those of kangaroos, and both males and females had pouches in their abdomens and had stripes on their backs similar to those on the backs of tigers.

Source: News