Fines and closures… threatening to punish Twitter if it doesn’t respect the laws of the European Union

The European commissioner for internal market affairs, Thierry Breton, has threatened to impose financial sanctions on the video giant social media”Twitter”, and other measures unless the platform complied with the laws of the European Union.

In the statements ai media Germans, Today, Saturday, and to the French newspaper “Oh France”, Breton said: “It is very clear: if Twitter does not respect these rules, we can impose fines and if the rules continue to be violated, we can close the platform in Europe.. We will do it”. Whenever it is necessary. This is the great desire of our democracies”.

And the European official went on to say: “We have been following closely what is happening on Twitter since Elon Musk acquired it,” noting that he will hold another meeting with Musk before the Christmas holidays.

Breton said laws relating to digital marketplaces and digital services provide “effective means of limiting the spread of lies and hate, and Twitter must meet these standard if it wants to operate in the European market”.

French President Emmanuel Macron met with US billionaire Elon Musk on Friday afternoon and they discussed the efforts that Twitter must make to comply with European regulations.

Macron said in a tweet on Twitter on Saturday that “pursuing transparent policies towards users, strengthening content moderation and protecting freedom of expression are efforts that Twitter must make to comply with European regulations”.

Thursday Macron, in visit to the United States, he said in an interview on the television program “Good Morning America” ​​that he believes that there are “responsibilities and limits” to freedom of expression.

Musk has consistently stated his intention to remove what he saw as severe restrictions on free speech on the platform. On the other hand, critics fear that this step will encourage hate speech and incitement on the world’s most popular platform.

The Digital Services Regulations aim, among other things, to ensure that platforms remove illegal content from their pages more quickly.

These instructions apply from mid-February 2024 in throughout the European Union and will apply before this date, in particular, for the main platforms.

It has been reported that Musk has laid off thousands of Twitter workers since he acquired the platform in a deal worth more than $44 billion. He also brought back Twitter users who were previously banned, such as former US President Donald Trump.

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