Finland, “the happiest country in the world” . an Arab country in bottom of the ranking

On Friday, Finland won the title of “happiest country in the world” for the fifth consecutive year, while Lebanon and Afghanistan are in bottom of the ranking drawn up annually under the supervision of the United Nations for a decade.

With a score of 7.82 out of 10, the Scandinavian country of 5.5 million is in topped the table ahead of Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and the Netherlands, all of which remained in top of the annual ranking dominated by European countries, especially in northern Europe.

The “Annual Happiness Report” published under the supervision of the United Nations since 2012 showed that the “greatest progress” in the ranking “was recorded. in Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, while Lebanon, Venezuela and Afghanistan witnessed the greatest decline “.

Lebanon, which is going through a suffocating economic crisis, classified by the World Bank among the three worst crises in the world since the mid-nineteenth century, was second to last with 2.95 points, ahead of Zimbabwe, while Afghanistan is in last place. of the ranking with 2.40.

The studio annual is based in particular on Gallup statistics based on asking residents questions about their perception of their level of happiness, comparing the results with the gross domestic product of the country and assessments relating to the level of solidarity, individual freedom and corruption, to give an overall view score for each village.

Germany and Canada each dropped one spot each to fourteenth and fifteenth places respectively, ahead of the United States, which finished in sixteenth place, advancing three places, according to the official report, which includes about 150 countries and provides a valuation based on a media rate for the last three years.

France ranked 20th, in up one place from last year, “in its best ranking since it was launched studio”, while the UK maintained its 17th place.

Among other world powers, in this version of the report, which is based on data from the past, Brazil ranked 38th (less than three places) and Japan 54th (up two places), while Russia dropped to 80th place (below four positions). before the invasion of Ukraine.

China advanced 12 places to 72nd place, while India ranks higher in low in the ranking (136), despite advancing three places compared to last year’s ranking.

“The lesson that the World Happiness Report gives us in recent years is that social solidarity, generosity between people and honesty of governments are essential for the prosperity of the population,” commented Jeffrey Sachs, one of the authors of the report. “World leaders must take these factors into account”.

The Scandinavian countries were in first floor in this report since its launch, as Norway preceded Finland at the summit in 2017, after Denmark has long been in head.

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