Fishbowl Wives Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

Some of the most popular themes sweeping Netflix right now are shows about adultery, gender violence, and women finally recognizing their worth and realizing they deserve more. Just a few months ago. Many women told their stories of unfaithful husbands in the Netflix series Why Women Kill, which was one of the most popular shows on the service. Some of the women interviewed even went so far as to plot their deaths.

Fishbowl Wives S 2

A group of six women in an unhappy marriage cross the limits and find themselves involved in affairs, quite the reverse of the previous. this show is based on a manga series by Kurosawa R. that has sold millions of copies.


  • Ryôko Shinohara as Sakura
  • Masanobu Andô as Sakura’s husband
  • Takanori Iwataas Haruto
  • Anne Yatcoas Sakura Hiraga
  • Ren Hanamias Mei
  • Keisuke Hoashi as Artisan
  • Hidekazu Mashima as Baba
  • Kyoko Hasegawa as Haruto’s ex-girlfriend
  • Rich Ting as Koichi
  • Tom Choi as Baba
  • Riko Fukumoto as Ran

Fishbowl Wives Season 2 Release Date?

Fishbowl Wives S 2

The Showrunners and the streaming channel have not yet decided whether or not season one will be renewed or released.. The first season begins on February 14th, 2022, and if the show gains a large audience, it may be renewed for a second season or possibly more. The second season may have more episodes, or it may have fewer episodes than the first season, which has not yet been determined.

Fishbowl Wives Season 2 Plot?


In the first season, Sakura’s husband, Takuya, abuses her. She starts dating Haruto because she feels trapped in her marriage. On the other hand, Sota’s drinking began to hurt his marriage to Saya. She felt better when she was with Takuya, and they had a brief Romantic relationship. Aside from them, Yuriha felt that her husband cared more about his mother than she did, and she started to feel unappreciated at home. She meets Momoki, a construction worker who is working on her house, and they become friends. Both know what it’s like to be sad, so they get together.

Fishbowl Wives S 2 plot

And meanwhile, Yuka’s husband won’t let him have a child, so he goes to see his ex-girlfriend Jun. At the same time, Noriko’s husband forces her to sleep with her coworker Tsuta, but she finds Tsuta to be a more understanding person than her husband. Hisako’s young son asks her about her secret relationship with Baba at the same time. After several problems, Takuya and Sakura agree that their marriage is over and decide to split up. Even though they broke up, she helps him when his salon has to close because of money problems. This gives Haruto one last emotional moment with her.

After a two-year time jump, the lives of six women change a lot by the end of the season. Yuka is three months along in her pregnancy, but she doesn’t know who the father is. Yurika and Momoki keep meeting in secret, while Noriko’s husband feels bad about leaving her for Tsuta and tries to make up with her. Sakura and Haruto are both fine on their own, but they really miss each other. Sota and Saya made up with each other and got back together, just like they did before their problems. Also, Hisako breaks up with Baba for the sake of her family and finds happiness again with her son and husband.

Most likely, a second season will pick up where the first one left off and find out if fate brought Sakura and Haruto back together. The father of Yuka’s baby will also be revealed, and Noriko will decide whether or not to forgive her husband. Also, the doomed affair between Yuriha and Momoki could be shown as it was told to her husband and mother-in-law. If the show comes back for a second season, new characters might have their secrets.

Fishbowl Wives Season 2 Trailer

At the moment, Netflix does not have an official trailer for Season 2 of Fishbowl Wives. We’ve put up a trailer from the last season for people who want to watch it. Enjoy!