Fitaihi Holding recommends distributing dividends in cash of 4% for the year 2022

Fitaihi Holding Group Company announced the Board of Directors’ recommendation to distribute dividends in cash to shareholders for fiscal year AD 2022, from the balance of retained earnings, at a rate of 4%.

The company said in a statement on Tadawul Saudi Arabia today, Sunday, that the number of shares eligible for dividends stands at 27.5 million shares, with a total value of 11 million riyals, at 40 halala per share.

It adds that eligibility rests with the company’s shareholders who own shares at the close of trading on the day of the company’s general meeting (to be determined later after obtaining the necessary regulatory clearances) and who are entered in the company’s share register at the Deposit at the end of the second open market day following the date of the meeting.

He explained that the dividend payment date will be announced in following.

It indicates that the profits will be distributed by direct transfer to current accounts at local banks linked to the investment portfolios of the shareholders.

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