Fitch: Lebanon’s exit from debt default is still difficult

Rating agency Fitch said Lebanon’s exit from debt default is still difficult after inconclusive elections.

He added that the results of the elections on May 15 inconclusive in Lebanon makes it more difficult for any camp to form a stable majority in government in parliament, according to “Reuters”.

Fitch noted that the political affiliations of Lebanese MPs are not always clear.

Last week, the Lebanese cabinet approved a long-awaited plan for financial recovery in its final session after three years of the country’s financial crisis.

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati said parliament should speed up taking the necessary steps to appoint a new prime minister and form a new government as soon as possible.

He stressed that his country will continue negotiations with the International Monetary Fund “to form a roadmap for a solution, recovery and completion of the final agreement”, warning that “the cost will be greater every day if we do not enter the plan. recovery and fully implement it “.

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