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Flight bookings to China double after easing policy “zero Covid “.

Bookings for flights to China doubled in the hour after the government announced a relaxation of restrictions on travelers in arrival, including a shorter quarantine, according to Ctrip.com.

Reservations in entry on the travel agency platform online it was twice the same time on Thursday, while searches for international flights in the country increased by 200%, according to a statement released by the company on Friday.

Among other measures, a mandatory hotel quarantine will be reduced to five days from seven, sparking a rush, even though China’s National Health Commission hasn’t specified when the rules will go in. in force. A system that suspends airline flights if they bring infected passengers into the country has also been demolished.

Expectations about the easing of restrictions have recently increased in China, where searches for international flights increased 122% from October 31 to November 11, compared to the same period last year, according to Ctrip.

The country’s major airlines have also announced plans for more flights. Ctrip said the schedule of international flights is now 1,300 per week, in 30% increase compared to the end of October.

Following China’s announcement, Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airlines said it will increase flights to the mainland.

Shares in the company rose 5.2% on Friday, the biggest gain in four months. Other stocks related to airlines and travel also rose on the news, along with broader Asian equity markets and the yuan.

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